What were the job posting trends in 2016?

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It’s time to look back at the labour market changes from 2015 to 2016 and map out your strategy. Whether you are a recruiter or a job hunter, Job Market Insights will provide you with the complete insights into job posting trends.

You can see some of these changes highlighted in the infographic below. The Market Dashboard gives you the most important data about the Market, including the Top Companies, Top Locations and Top Categories.
Whether you are looking for a job or just want to know who the top 10 employers are, you’ve come to the right place. What are your salary expectations? The average salary in United Kingdom has been broken down yearly but also according to the top 10 sectors. And finally, the most common job types across the UK.
Put Insights into action with our Job Posting Hotspots of 2016.

infographic-Job-Posting- Hotspot-2016-UK

The Top Sectors Around the World

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Take a look at the top 3 sectors worldwide. 

Where are you living right now? Are you bracing the wind in Cape Town? Enduring the heat in Paris or London? Preparing for a long anticipated spring in Peru? Wherever you are, we’ve got your labour market insights covered. By knowing who’s hiring and where, you’ll be a smarter and more informed job searcher.

Using our JobisJob big data and new tool, Job Market Insights, we’ve extracted inside information about the top three hiring sectors in each one of our 22 countries worldwide.

Top Sectors English JobisJob

Top sectors: What does this mean for you?

By knowing who’s hiring, you’ll know where to apply. The job search is a long and tiresome task and if there’s a way to make it easier, we’ll pass it along to you.

Let’s say you live somewhere in the UK. Right now in the UK, the IT-Telecomm, Engineering and Finance sectors are hiring like crazy. But what if you don’t have the skills or experience it takes to land one of those jobs? Not to worry. Companies, even big tech giants like Apple and Google need candidates who aren’t 100% tech savvy! Communication, writing, and creative skills are also needed in these fields. Don’t be deterred too easily, your talents and experience will be received with open arms.

Knowing which sectors are hiring, now you can check out specific companies, job titles and salaries! Using our trends tool, you’ll have an overhead view of all that’s happening in the labour market!

Show Me the Money, This Year’s Top Paid Sectors

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An inside peak into the UK’s top paid sectors.

If you’re just starting out your career in the Consultancy, IT-Telecomm, Science Research, Legal or Finance field, you’re in luck. These sectors were rated the top 5 highest paid sectors in the UK for 2015.

By using JobisJob big data, we were able to measure the average yearly salary for these jobs and the amount of offers within these sectors posted on JobisJob in 2014.

2015′s best paid jobs

The infographic also illustrates the top hiring cities and companies looking for candidates right now. Using actual job listings on JobisJob, we found the desired skills for each sector as well as the most popular job titles, which you’ll find listed within the infographic.

JobisJob best paid sectors 2015 UK

Start your search with JobisJob today!

Infographic | 2014 UK Labour Market Trends

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We’re always trying to look forward, but looking back at labour trends can help us prepare for the future. 2015 is well on its way and if you’re job searching, it’s a good idea to check out this infographic, which illustrates the top hiring trends of 2014. To see the infographic as a PDF, click the image or click here.

UK_Hotspots Search Trends Infographic

Top trends overview

  • The Greater London area advertised the most jobs
  • The top 3 most popular job listings were in IT-Telecomm, Engineering and Finance sectors.
  • The most frequent salary range was from £0 – £20,000
  • 44.55% of advertised jobs were for a Permanent position

The 2015 Job Search Hotspots Infographic has all you need to know to make 2015 a better and brighter year! If you’re curious on seeing more trends, click here.

Infographic | Getting to Know Your Indian Colleagues

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We heard you have an Indian colleague!

Geographically, India and the United Kingdom are thousands of kilometres apart. Historically, they’ve always had a close, somewhat turbulent relationship. However, forgetting the past, we’ve become a blend of cultures and traditions, welcoming new ideas and embracing diversity. In the UK today, Indians and British Indians make up for 1.4 million of the UK population, the largest minority group in the country.

If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve probably had some of the best curry in your life. I didn’t know what a Poppadum was until a friend took me to Brick Lane and since that first crisp I’ve never looked back. But what about within the workforce?

Getting to Know Your Indian Colleagues 

Getting to know your foreign colleagues is an essential part of building a team relationship and working together. Here’s what to expect from your Indian colleagues.

 Getting to know your Indian colleagues

In the end, we’re not as different as we think. When working with someone from another country, it’s important to understand their background. Take the time to get to know your colleagues, both local and international.