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Llanelli, the largest town in the county of Carmarthenshire, Wales, sits on the Loughor estuary on the West Wales coast, approximately west-north-west of Swansea and south-east of the county town, Carmarthen. The town is famous for its proud rugby tradition and is a centre of tinplate production. In the mid 20th century, Llanelli was the largest town in the world where more than half the population spoke a Celtic language. It is ranked the 7th largest urban area in Wales.

Llanelli is also surrounded by a number of villages and communities in the Llanelli Rural district. Some of these communities, more notably those that immediately surround the town, are often unofficially referred to as Llanelli.More


In 1991 Llanelli was a distinct Travel to Work Area, but the 2001-based revision has merged the locality into a wider Swansea Bay Travel to Work Area.

The area around Llanelli in eastern Carmarthenshire is home to a number of manufacturing companies (including the Corus works at Trostre, and Dyfed Steels), many of which service the automotive industry. The Technium Performance Engineering centre was developed at Llanelli Gate as a business incubator for businesses in the automotive, motorsport and aerospace sectors.More

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