Service Engineer job description


Service Engineers often visit client or remote locations to resolve or perform maintenance functions. They assess, install and fix equipment or machinery. Service Engineers earn good salaries and benefits. Their benefits are stipulated by the company according to a number of factors which include company size, location, human resource policies and level of responsibility. Benefits may include petrol, meal, travel and uniform allowance.
A Service Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Assembling equipment
•  Calibrating machinery
•  Meeting with clients
•  Testing equipment
•  Training Junior Engineers


• Stress management
• Being thorough
• Being self motivated and confident
• Being practical and highly adaptable
• Organisation
• Communication, both verbal and written
• Teamwork and collaboration
• Problem solving
• Customer service
• Being discrete and honest
• Being commercially aware


There are several qualifications that can help prospective Service Engineers get into a job. They can pursue a HNC, HND, BTEC, or NVQ certifications in several areas. These include Nanotechnology, Building Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

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