Carpenter job description


Absolutely vital to the construction industry is the carpenter, who constructs and repairs wooden objects, buildings, and other structures. Required for this job is the proficiency in the use of various tools necessary to the work of carpenters, both hand tools and mechanical ones.
Necessary skills for the job include the ability to interpret drawings and diagrams and to take accurate measurements. Knowledge of mathematical principles and the physical stamina necessary to work crouched in awkward positions or standing up or for long periods of time is also essential.
Most employers require applicants to hold at least high school qualifications, although some may require formal schooling from technical and vocational institutions. The average salary for this position is around £23,000 per year.


Carpenters can choose specialisations as bench joiner, fixer, shop fitter, or formwork joiner. These persons may choose to design, fashion and build structures and items built from wood. This may include floors, houses, furniture, doors, windows and stairs. To be able to build all these things to precision, Carpenters must be good at understanding numerical data and taking accurate measurements.
These professionals may work in workshops, job sites, and factories. It is easy to get lost in a project and often deadlines must be met, hence Carpenters may have long hours. Travelling to different job locations is also a requirement. Because of the nature of the job, Carpenters must protect themselves with the appropriate gear.
A Carpenter usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Taking measurements
• Installing doors, windows and other fixtures
• Making various adjustments to fittings
• Selecting work material like wood and tools
• Visiting job locations and speaking with clients


• Being methodical and security conscious
• Being physically capable of performing the required functions
• Being respectful and well mannered
• Great sense of balance and handling high levels
• Project management and time management
• Stress management and delivering accurate results
• Teamwork
• Understanding drawings, plans and written or spoken instructions
• Understanding mathematical and numerical data


Carpenters are skilled workers and are expected to be very proficient in their fields. This involves them learning things like:
•    Mathematics
•    Technology
•    Fine Woodwork
•    Art
•    Carpentry and Joinery
•    Machine Woodworking
•    Wood Occupations
Gaining an apprenticeship is an ideal way to start your career as a Carpenter. You would be able to work with more experienced and skilled carpenters who can guide you. Also, you would be able to earn an income. Many apprentices start while they are in high school. Certifications in this area include the GCSE, BTEC, City and Guild, NVQ, and SVQ.

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