Centre Manager job description


Overseeing the daily activities and duties at a centre is the direct responsibility of a Centre Manager. They handle the security, operational and financial matters while overseeing the booking of resources.
A Centre Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Managing a Centre
• Preparing weekly or monthly reports
•  Attending management meetings
•  Taking advantage of business opportunities
•  Performing administrative duties
•  Budgeting
•  Overseeing the upkeep of the building
•  Supervising staff
•  Handling daily ad hoc responsibilities


• Being computer literate
• Being innovative and creative
• Being motivated
• Communication
• Being exceedingly organised
• Being able to relate to people
• Being influential
• Leadership
• Being flexible
• Being assertive
• Being discrete
• Being an effective team player
• Office management
• Project management
• Time management


Centre Managers may possess a number of different certifications. Job seekers should aim to have at least a Bachelors Degree in Business, Management or Administration to improve their chances. Some employers may accept NVQ level 4 qualifications in Management, as well.

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