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A Business Development Executive works to generate new business for a company. They are experienced sales professionals who use their skills and experience to the best advantage of the company. These executives are good at handling multiple clients and have very good customer relations skills.
A Business Development Executive usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Making cold calls
•  Identifying new leads
•  Promoting products
•  Performing follow up duties
•  Managing clients
•  Attending meetings, training sessions and seminars
•  Providing feedback to managers
•  Researching market trends


• Meeting targets
• Time management
• Presentation and communication
• Being enthusiastic, ambitious and confident
• Being thorough and motivated
• Information technology
• Organisation
• Being professional, flexible and amicable


Business Development Executives typically have a business related degree. This degree may be in areas such as Business Administration, Management, Economics, Accounts or Finance. Some graduates may have a HND. People who possess a Masters Degree have a greater advantage in the job market.

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