How not to follow recruiting rules

Recruiters – are you bored of standard hiring procedures? Do you find yourself doodling in the margins of CVs? Do you ever wish your interviewees would do something really outrageous, just to make life more interesting?

We’ve tracked down three examples of companies who, without doubt, win a JobisJob gold award for Innovative Recruiting Strategies. But does this kind of practice actually work when it comes to sourcing top talent? Answers in the comments box, please…

Three innovative recruiting techniques

Heineken’s “The Candidate”:

Bored of asking all the same questions and getting all the same answers, Heineken videoed a set of radical interview techniques which included taking employees by the hand, an interviewer who pretended to pass out and a fake fire drill.

“My Marriott Hotel” – innovative HR at Marriott Hotels:

Fancy getting a taste of what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry? Marriott Hotels’ hiring procedure revolves around a highly addictive Facebook game. “My Marriott Hotel” allows users to put themselves in the shoes of a kitchen supervisor, where they are required to cook, manage supplies and serve dishes. The “Do It For Real” button at the top takes you to Marriott’s career’s page.

HR at Marriott Hotels

Hiring pirates, not cowboys, at Ogilvy:

Ahoy there! PR and communications company Ogilvy resorted to lily-livered tactics in order to find their next web designer. They uploaded a call-to-action to apply for their next job opportunity onto various pirate media sites, and named it after a famous design package. Scallywag “Talented Steve” has now been hired to work for Ogilvy, where he can use all the software he likes for free.

Penelope for JobisJob

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