Designing an infographic CV

So you’ve seen those funky infographic CVs around, and have decided that you have to have one too. Creating a striking visual representation of your shining career trajectory, however, is easier said than done (and not so easily said, either). If you don’t want to pay for a design agency and aren’t capable of making your own infographic from scratch, you could try using some of the online resources listed below to help you.

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Free online tools for creating an infographic CV


CV designed by Hagan Blount.

Image banks
list_oklist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wrong Many online image banks, such as iStockPhoto and Getty Images, sell “packs” of infographic elements which you can use in your image-editing programme of choice. A good halfway-house if you have some design skills, but want to give things a more professional touch.

PowerPointlist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wrong Surprisingly, you don’t need to be a Photoshop pro to make an infographic CV. Although it may lack much of the deftness of more advanced software, the humble MSOffice PowerPoint can also be used as a reasonable alternative. Even better, you can find free PowerPoint infographic templates and usage advice online.

Piktochart – list_oklist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wrong An online tool that provides a wide variety of templates for making all kinds of infographic. Designs can sometimes be hard to customise, but otherwise Piktochart provides a good way to make professional-looking infographic CVs. Comes in free and paid versions. Also, take a look at and, which provide similar services. –  list_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wronglist_wrong Also discussed on our previous article (“6 free tools for creating a dynamic CV”), is an easy-to-use free online tool specially designed for creating infographic CVs. Taken from the high street of the design world, provides designs which don’t look too shabby, but bear in mind that there’s a chance that everyone else’s CVs will look exactly the same as yours. Resumup is a similar programme.

infographiccvWordlelist_oklist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wrong An old favourite. If you’re a little unsure about how to handle the infographic CV, a good halfway house can be to add the odd graphic element to standard text. As well as including the occasional line diagram, etc. from programmes like, you could create an attractive and easily-customisable word cloud displaying your numerous talents on Wordle. Cut and paste into your regular CV to give it that little extra something.

If you’re applying for a job as a designer, or in other creative professions, using an infographic CV may help your application stand out from the crowd, but do beware the pitfall of the unnecessary and unprofessional-looking infographic CV. Whatever you do, keep things simple, and if you can’t make something that looks good an infographic CV is best left to the professionals. See what you can create, but bear in mind that it may be wisest not to try this one at home.

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