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Part-time (executive) MBAs

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Executive MBA_JobisJobThere’s lots of information out there on part-time (or “executive”) MBAs, but although many options are available, there is little independent information out there. We’ve listed several important MBAs here, and aimed to condense the most important information about several of the highest-ranked.

Whom is an MBA for?

The “Master of Business Administration” is not just for economists. Basically, part-time or executive MBAs can build on all study disciplines, and are designed to give your career an extra push without having to take a year or two out. Do not underestimate the strain that taking on an MBA will put on your time and finances (unless you can get sponsorship from the company you work for), and make sure you plan your time well in advance.

You should also be clear of requirements before applying – executive MBAs, for example, normally require at least five years’ professional experience, and participants may often come to courses with many more years of management experience.

Top executive MBAs in the UK

London Business School – The crème de la crème of MBAs in the UK, and ranked fourth worldwide by the FT. Costs just over £60,000 for a demanding twenty-month programme.

Cambridge Judge Business School – Another twenty-month programme, delivered over weekends and week-long blocks. Also very highly ranked by the FT’s study, and costs a slightly more reasonable £52,000.

Oxford Saïd Business School – Twenty-one months’ tuition amongst the dreaming spires includes two core modules outside the UK, and costs around £60,000 (including membership to an Oxford college).

Part-time MBAs in Europe

ESCP You can choose to either follow your MBA mostly in one place, or rotate around four different cities (Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid). Courses are taught in English for the rotating MBA and in may be in other languages for MBAs mostly hosted in other cities. Generally costs around €50,000 for a unique experience.

Insead – Rated 6th on the FT’s list, Insead offers a global executive MBA hosted predominantly in France, as well as Singapore and Abu Dhabi. This is one of the shortest programmes, lasting 14 months, and also one of the most expensive, costing just short of €100,000.

eMBAs in the US

Harvard Business School – Number one according to the FT, the Harvard Business School offers a rapid alternative to an MBA: their Program for Leadership Development. This lasts 6 months, and costs around $40,000.

University of Pennsylvania Wharton – Rated third worldwide, this is a two-year weekend programme, which can be undertaken either in Pennsylvania or San Francisco. It begins in May, and costs around $180,000, and includes housing and meals.

Break the job-hunting rules: 5 original job applications

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LinkedIn profiles, infographic CVs…. Handing in your job application is no longer as simple as pen and ink. Having recently written about the most innovative recruiting campaigns, we decided it was time to take a look at the other side of the coin and highlight some of the most original job applications. Proceed with caution.

5 innovative (and funny) job applications

The six-second Vine resumeJournalist Dawn Siff’s six-second resume, created using Twitter’s video application Vine, blew up the social networks with its creative potential. She eventually landed a job working for The Economist Group, and although she primarily puts her success down to “old fashioned networking”, she states that her Vine resume did “impress” her current employers.

funny job application
The anti-CV -
 Instead of sending his CV out to the world, Andrew Horner decided to turn the tables and create a website asking companies to send him their offers. After being invited to review his criteria for prospective employers, recruiters are warned that failure to submit a suitable proposal may result in their application being ignored. His efforts lead to a job in a start-up. See also Benedict Le Gauche’s hilariously wry personal statement.

Sing a song - “So pencil in some notes oh you better, this ain’t your cliché cover letter…” sings Alec Biedrzycki “…I’ll convey my qualifications through this acoustic guitar iteration”. And it seems that making a song and dance of things has lead to success: Alec now works for lead marketeers HubSpot, as well as running his own company Innovation-Al.An original resume pact

The marriage threat - Alex and Charli were the creative match made in heaven. But Charli risked being sent back to her homeland if she couldn’t find a job. Their solution? To send wedding invites to NYCs top creative heads threatening to get married if they didn’t hire them. They were eventually taken on as freelancers.

The vanity search For a total of $6, Alec Brownstein sponsored Google Adverts for the names of the directors of some of the top ad agencies. Were they vain enough to Google their own names? You bet they were, and Alec received 4 interviews and two job offers for work in marketing. See also the Creative Ransom for more job application originality and fun with the names of top company directors.

Dress for your interview like your Grandma

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How tie: interview attire

We all know that dressing for an interview requires you fix up and look as sharp as you possibly can. Somewhat unfairly, however, if you’re going for an interview there’s a good chance you’ve been out of work and are flat broke. You may even just have graduated and be riddled with student debt, making looking well-groomed seem like a tall order.

Help is at hand, however. In reality, all you really need to get you looking lickety-split is a copious helping of good old traditional elbow grease. Without further ado, get in touch with your inner “make do and mend” spirit with our tips on how to scrub up without having to shell out too much.

Dressing for an interview on a budget

1. Buy a second-hand suit

A well-made suit can take years of wear, so those stocked in charity shops are likely to be in comparatively much better nick than other garments on the rail. With a bit of luck (and adequate time spent fishing) you might even be able to glean something much better than anything you could find new. Brush off your suit, and carefully remove any stains with hot water. One thing you shouldn’t compromise on, however, is the fit – few things are less flattering than a badly-fitting suit, and if you can’t find one that does the job you may indeed be better off buying a suit jacket new.
Top tip: Hang your suit in the bathroom while you’re having a shower, and – hey presto – the steam will help any wrinkles drop out.

2. Spit and polish

You don’t need a new pair of shoes to attend an interview. You do, however, need to give your old ones a bit of love and attention. Take out the laces, clean off with a brush and then wipe with a wet rag. Dry and polish.
Top tip: Putting some baking soda inside your shoes will also help keep nervous and sweaty interview feet fresh.

3. Make best friends with your iron

Unfortunately, the time has come to admit your grandmother was right. Although the prospect may be startling for those unfamiliar with the idea, nothing gives off a better impression than a carefully-pressed shirt.
Top tip: If years of relaxed university life has left you unsure of how to iron a shirt properly, there’s plenty of video guides on the net.

4. Clean your nails

If you’re going for a job in an office rather than down at the farm, males and females alike should pay some attention to the state of their hands. Luxury can come cheap: all you need to five yourself a five-minute manicure is a nail file. Soak your hands in water and soap, dry off and shape and file your nails.
Top tip: You may want to avoid applying hand cream, as when combined with nerves this may lead to cold fish handshake syndrome.

5. Comb your hair

A decent hairstyle is one of the most influential factors in looking polished. Ladies, if you can’t afford to get your hair cut, tie it up. Gents, get it cut on the cheap. And both sexes: if you have growing-out roots or strange-looking colours in your hair, grab a bottle of dye from the supermarket and get rid ASAP.
Top tip: Any haircuts or colour changes should be made at least a week before your interview, in case you accidentally turn it green.

Good luck in your interview!

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Checklist to dressing for an interview

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Image: Stephen Kennedy

Ten fun office ideas for a cheerful summer

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fun in office

Summertime is here, and the idea of “fun” in the office may sounds like a complete contradiction. Half your workforce is probably lying on a beach, sipping exotic-coloured cocktails and only pausing to let the world know what a fantastic time they’re having on Facebook. They key to getting through this difficult time (aside from remembering that in a few weeks it’ll be your turn, anyway) is in making your office environment more appealing via a series of small changes and treats. Let’s look at a few fun office ideas for summer.

Improving your office environment

  1. Change your desktop background. Go for an image that makes you feel calm, serene and cheerful.
  2. Decorate your desk with photos, a plant (don’t forget to water it) and anything else that makes you feel happy. A great conversation gambit and a simple way to create a more positive office environment for yourself.
  3. Think carefully about a small supply of healthy edibles to bring in. This might include home-made fruit juice or a five-star packed lunch. Lost for ideas? Take inspiration from Japanese-style “bento” boxes, or the variety of lunchbox recipes out on the net.
  4. Take your colleagues out for a drink. You may be tired at the end of the day, but the more energy you put into your work environment, the more you will get out.
  5. Wear something new. Looking smart helps you get in the mood for being professional, and new clothes will break up your routine slightly.
  6. Listen to music. Music has the power to change your mood completely. Here in the JobisJob offices, we’ve made a Spotify playlist for working to if you fancy ideas.
  7. Exercise at your desk. There’s a list of crafty ideas for deskercise here. If you’re not sure how your colleagues would react to split squat jumps in the office, try these two simple tips: 1) ALWAYS take the stairs and 2) walk over and speak to your colleagues instead of sending emails whenever possible.
  8. Make your office environment smell nice. Inject some sensory pleasure into day-to-day life with room freshener or simply delicious-smelling cups of tea (we like caramel and cinnamon).
  9. Walk home from work, or get off a metro stop early, to have time to gently meander back in the summer air (and possibly stop off at the pub on the way).
  10. Speak to someone new. Step outside your comfort zone and ask someone at the other desk, in the other department or even in another office what their holiday plans are.

…and by the time you’ve tried out our ten fun office ideas, it’ll be time to go to the beach anyway. Don’t forget your suncream!

Music for working to (Spotify playlist)

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JobisJob Spotify work music playlistAs all the greatest geniuses know, there’s nothing like a whistle while you work to make the ideas spring to mind more easily and the days run faster. Because of this, we’ve attached a new Spotify button to our blog (on the right-hand side) with the JobisJob “Music for working to” playlist currently set to go.

The Music for working to playlist is a joint effort created by the JobisJob office, and features our collective favourite tunes to make those Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or whatever else you’re working on go that little bit more smoothly.

The playlist contains the following songs (in no particular order). Hope you enjoy!

JobisJob’s list of the best songs to work to:

Crystal Fighters – At Home
>Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
Feist – I Feel It All
Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way
Passenger – Let Her Go
Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
Blur – Song 2
The Lumineers – Ho Hey
P!nk – Try
Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
Kings Of Leon – The End
WTF! – Da Bop – Video Edit
Marlon Roudette – New Age
I Am Not Lefthanded – Long Goodbyes
MIKA – Live Your Life
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
Dave Brubeck – Take Five
St Germain – Sure Thing
The Killers – Joy Ride
Frank Sinatra – Baubles, Bangles And Beads [The Frank Sinatra Collection]
Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song
Pete Yorn – Relator
Shadows On Stars – I’ll Be The Light
Brett Dennen – Ain’t No Reason
Absynthe Minded – Heaven Knows
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
Ben Harper – Burn One Down
Negrita – Gioia Infinita
Muse – The 2nd Law: Isolated System
Motel Connection – Three
Fischerspooner – Emerge
Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger
The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
The Cure – Friday I’m In Love
Jack Johnson – Better Together
Stacey Kent – It Might As Well Be Spring
Vanessa Da Mata – Boa Sorte
Chicane – No Ordinary Morning
The C90′s – Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)
Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane
The xx – Islands
Peter Bjorn And John – Young Folks
The Postal Service – Sleepin In
Abba – The Winner Takes It All
Adele – Rolling In The Deep
Maroon 5 – This Love
Mike Tompkins – We Are Young

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