7th November: Bring in your parents day

On the 7th November, LinkedIn is presenting international event “Bring in your parents day” for the first time.

Do your parents struggle to come to grips with what it is you do all day? As one JobisJob team member bemoans, “I have tried time after time to explain to my Mum and Dad what it is I do at work, and they still don’t understand”.

He is not alone. In fact, a recent study shows that nearly half of UK parents don’t understand what their child does for a living.

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Bring your parents in to work

A solution could present itself in the form of new Bring in your parents day, instigated by LinkedIn. This event will see workplaces all over the world opening their doors to their employees’ parents, in a bid to help involve older generations in the working lives of their children. As one attendee of a trial Parent’s day in LinkedIn HQ in Dublin reported, she had no idea of how valued her daughter was at work.

As a “valuable part of [a] professional network”, bringing in parents is designed to help the workforce tap into the wisdom and experience this network can offer, and increase support for younger generations through increased understanding of their day-to-day lives.

Those who do not have a handy parent free to come along are invited to bring in a loved one or guardian (although LinkedIn warns that “this isn’t a day for bringing in kids”). Parents who are unable to attend can also be sent a report card.

“Bring in your parents day” comes at a time when new generations are increasingly looking to attain a work-life balance and in which the workplace is becoming increasingly informal and integrated with home lives. Current attendees include industry leaders Deutsche Bank, Mindjet, Edelman, Logitech, Starcom MediaVest Group and Trulia.

Most misunderstood job titles

According to Opinium Research, the job titles which are most frequently misunderstood by UK parents include:

  1. UI Designer (82%)
  2. Data scientist (63%)
  3. Social media manager (59%)
  4. Actuary (59%)
  5. Sociologist (53%)
  6. Sub editor (51%)
  7. PR manager (42%)
  8. Investment banker (41%)
  9. Radio producer (39%)
  10. Software developer (34%)

Will you be bringing your parents in to work this 7th November? Don’t forget to let us know how it goes. For information on how to get involved, visit the official Bring in your parents site.

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