Original ideas for decorating the office at Christmas

Christmas_decoration-199x300Face it: With the arrival of Christmas, we undergo a kind of metamorphosis: we pull in our claws, foul moods turn into cotton candy and we’re transported (for a while) to the land of good feelings and even better intentions. And we top it off with flashing multi-coloured lights and red, green and gold textures…All shiny!

We want the world to march to the beat of a Christmas carol, and get excited by decorating it so that it matches our own inner world. But before you decide to run off and spread the Christmas spirit around the globe, we suggest you start by customising your surroundings first! Why not start where you give it your all every day for 8 hours: the office!

DIY office decorating. Do it yourself! If what you’re expecting is an album of traditional Christmas decorations and a list of the shops where you can buy them, then this article may not be what you need! But wait: read on and maybe you’ll like our suggestions. :)

We’ve submerged ourselves in a DIY (Do It Yourself) World in order to show you some original ideas for decorating your workplace that you can do yourself: some things are easy and will only require a little material and ingenuity; others may demand a bit more skills and an artistic flair. Either way, we encourage you to try them all: you’re sure to have fun in the process!

Originality – better in a group and competition. Decorating the office at Christmas might be protocol or it can turn into a fantastic opportunity for some teamwork. Maybe you’ve been thinking about an initiative to help form and consolidate work relationships, or to integrate new personnel into the team, and even for detecting sources of creativity within your staff. This activity is that opportunity! You can organise a contest where each team (chosen either strategically or randomly) is responsible for decorating one specific area of the company. You’ll be surprised by the result – in the end laughter and a good atmosphere are the best Christmas decorations for any office!

DIY Christmas decorating 

Christmas Trees: genuine and sustainable 

christmas_trees1  christmas_trees2  christmas_trees_3  Christmas_trees4

Christmas_trees5  Christmas_trees6  image_tree-150x150  christmas_trees8

Original nativity scenes

nativity_scenes1  nativity_scenes2  nativity_scenes3  nativity_scenes4

Christmas wreaths, garlands and other items for creating a festive atmosphere 

decoration1  decoration2  decoration3  decoration4

decoration5  decoration6  decoration7  decoration8

Now that we’ve put the idea out there and given you a head start we want to see photos of the result or, at least, the attempt!

Have fun and a Merry Christmas!

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One thought on “Original ideas for decorating the office at Christmas

  1. John

    We were thinking of changing the countertop in our office kitchen. A blend of colored countertop would perfectly be great and making those cookies for the christmas is a wonderful experience.!

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