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Negotiating Salaries

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Asking for a raise

Negotiating a salary raise doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Of course, it demands a good deal of courage and self-confidence but what you’ll need most of all is thorough preparation and convincing arguments. Preparing well will of course also have a positive effect on your self-confidence and you cannot start too soon with this. This is because the better prepared you are to negotiate conditions or career development opportunities, the more successful the conversation will be.

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Christmas movies with great work and office scenes

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It is December, our office is decorated and the holidays are near.

Christmas Spirit at JobisJobThere are a significant number of people that have to work on Christmas, and the lucky ones that do not, can get cozy at home. In order to prepare for this year’s holiday season, and without saying good-bye to the work grind just yet, we have a couple of cinematic suggestions for you.

The following movies have stunning office and work scenes that will surely get you in the right Christmas mood. They accompany us through the most joyful of all holiday seasons and remind us during the hectic Christmas time at work what really matters in life: Our family, our great colleagues, taking timeout or at least a little break, coming back to work, having a job and hopefully one that makes you happy and above all gratitude for your job especially if we take into consideration the current economic climate.

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The best websites to help kick-start your career development and find your dream job

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Looking for your dream job? The internet offers impressive and almost unlimited possibilities for learning more about interesting jobs. One just needs to know where to look…

7K0A0032Not sure how you want to develop your career? Maybe you have the feeling that you want to start something new? Possibly even change the direction of your career completely. Or maybe you’re at the age where you still don’t know for sure what you want to do. Even if you know what you don’t want, and a vague feeling tells you which job or tasks might be appealing to you, we still usually only know about a fraction of the jobs that really exist out there. So how are we supposed to make an important decision when we don’t even know the variety of opportunities that are available to us? Maybe there is a job or a niche that you’ve always had the feeling it would be interesting but there was never any information about it, whether such a job even exists, whether you can make a living doing it, what kind of prerequisites you need and how to get your foot in the door.

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How to celebrate Christmas at the office

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How to celebrate ChristmasAll of us are entitled to live out Christmas in whatever way we want, whether it is in full colour or in complete privacy. At JobisJob we’re convinced that flooding the office with Christmas spirit forges bonding amongst the team and increases employee implication and performance. Besides being a very heartfelt religious holiday, Christmas holidays are strategically placed at the end of the year when we all feel the need to plan bigger and better things for our future and write our goals in lists (even though these lists may sometimes just end up being good intentions). The stars align at Christmas – and we invite you to make the most of it!

5 ideas for creating a Christmas atmosphere at the office

1. Transform your surroundings. If you’re not Father Christmas, it doesn’t matter where you work because you can always make your workplace livelier! A simple thing like decorating the office can create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere amongst staff. If you’d like to find out how to go about it, click here.

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