How to celebrate Christmas at the office

How to celebrate ChristmasAll of us are entitled to live out Christmas in whatever way we want, whether it is in full colour or in complete privacy. At JobisJob we’re convinced that flooding the office with Christmas spirit forges bonding amongst the team and increases employee implication and performance. Besides being a very heartfelt religious holiday, Christmas holidays are strategically placed at the end of the year when we all feel the need to plan bigger and better things for our future and write our goals in lists (even though these lists may sometimes just end up being good intentions). The stars align at Christmas – and we invite you to make the most of it!

5 ideas for creating a Christmas atmosphere at the office

1. Transform your surroundings. If you’re not Father Christmas, it doesn’t matter where you work because you can always make your workplace livelier! A simple thing like decorating the office can create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere amongst staff. If you’d like to find out how to go about it, click here.

2. Think about others. If the last point was talking about decorating your surroundings, here we suggest that you change them. There are lots of organizations that work with groups who are at risk of being marginalised, who would be delighted to have the help of a team of motivated volunteers ready to provide welfare support and teach what they know, even if just for a day. I once had the opportunity of seeing a Starbucks volunteer day at an orphanage. They organised an incredible afternoon tea for the little ones and delighted them with stories and games. It was difficult to distinguish who the real children were! Geriatric facilities, soup kitchens, children’s hospitals, environmental protection associations… There are so many places to start!

3. Office Holiday party. It’s a classic: a great time to interact, relax and really get to know your work santa_claus-150x150colleagues. But it comes with risks! Remember:

• The world is not going to end that night and whatever you say or do will still be talked about tomorrow.
• Your boss is your boss 24 hours a day! So try and make sure he or she still is the next day. :)
• There is no such thing as a ‘professional’ hangover.
• And don’t forget to add Social Networks to all the above. They’re like energy: they remain forever!

If the idea is not to get too risky, you can always organise a family-style meal with a motivational toast!

4. A party for children of the staff. A tribute to those who suffer from the long, hard working days… of their parents. It’s more than enough to fix up the premises and fill it with streamers, cakes, children’s workshops and games… and famous guests (they won’t come from Lapland or the Orient so who’s going to be the lucky one who gets into character? Let the raffle begin!)

5. In private. Organise Secret Santa or Kris Kringle at the office. It works like this: each employee is given the name of another member of the team using a draw and they have to give that person a gift on the agreed date. It’s a secret draw! Only you can know who you’ve got. That’s when the fun starts: secret messages, riddles and preliminary details that add more thrill and excitement to the activity.

Whatever you decide to do put your heart into it! To quote the American environmentalist, Bill McKibben: “There is no ideal Christmas – just the one you decide to create as a reflection of your values, wishes and traditions.”

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