The best websites to help kick-start your career development and find your dream job

Looking for your dream job? The internet offers impressive and almost unlimited possibilities for learning more about interesting jobs. One just needs to know where to look…

7K0A0032Not sure how you want to develop your career? Maybe you have the feeling that you want to start something new? Possibly even change the direction of your career completely. Or maybe you’re at the age where you still don’t know for sure what you want to do. Even if you know what you don’t want, and a vague feeling tells you which job or tasks might be appealing to you, we still usually only know about a fraction of the jobs that really exist out there. So how are we supposed to make an important decision when we don’t even know the variety of opportunities that are available to us? Maybe there is a job or a niche that you’ve always had the feeling it would be interesting but there was never any information about it, whether such a job even exists, whether you can make a living doing it, what kind of prerequisites you need and how to get your foot in the door.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best websites that offer valuable insights into the various jobs and sectors!

The best websites with valuable insights to find your dream job:

The Muse
offers a unique “behind the scenes” look at international companies in the media and internet sector. You can take a look at the offices of companies such as TED, Facebook, airbnb or Gucci, read through task descriptions of various jobs, watch video introductions from current employees, as well as find links to the respective career sites of the companies.

Careerplayer features interesting videos and helpful tips and advice for graduates. The careers section gives a great overview about key sectors and gives you a good idea on what the respective industry is about.

Whatchado is an extremely informative platform from Austria that features a couple of videos in English with professionals from all over the world. The videos work because likeable people explain in a most natural way what they do, how they came to be in the job, and how others can achieve the same.

TED lectures can be tremendously interesting and give new and inspirational input. If you search through the TED site by topic you’ll find videos by leading personalities from and on the sectors that you may have been interested in for a long time.

Of course, our blog and our career centre also offer a lot of helpful information that could be useful to you when searching for your dream job.

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One thought on “The best websites to help kick-start your career development and find your dream job

  1. Lyn Gordon-Smith

    Speaking from the heart, my real ‘dream job’ would be as a successful author. I’ve always believed that when engrossed in an interesting book you can be transported to any country, age or era. Also, I would love to be able to drive a car; the success of my new career would make that possible!!

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