6 free tools for creating a dynamic CV

With more and more job applications made online and everyone down to your Granny connected on LinkedIn, CVs are evolving rapidly. The days of pen and paper are over, and personal brand building is getting creative. If you want to add a bit of electronic spice to yours, why not use one of the following tools for creating a dynamic or infographic CV?

Free online CV-writing tools for building your personal brand

Vizualize.me – list_oklist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wrong Pulls together information from your LinkedIn profile to create a customisable infographic version of your CV in seconds. A nice idea, but designers or other creative types looking for something professional to hand into a recruiter might prefer something a little more made-to-measure.

Cuvitt – list_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wronglist_wrong An online portfolio which contains various variations of the good old personality test, as well as space for the more traditional CV features and recommendations. Interesting to learn more about yourself, but we doubt the phone will be ringing off the hook after using it.

Vizify list_oklist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wrong A fun way to display links to projects, as well as photos and information about your work history and education. Can’t replace a traditional CV, but might be fun to include on a business card, especially if you work for yourself. About.me is another nice site which does a similar job. Of the two, Vizify is spread over several pages and is more extensive, whereas About.me puts your details on a single spread.

Free CV building tool

Resunatelist_oklist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wrong Allows you to import your CV (including LinkedIn CVs) and rate it. We imagine the system is based on the type of automated applicant tracking systems recruiters use to identify keywords and filter CVs, so although this is not as aesthetically nice to use as the other sites, it’s definitely worth a quick look to see if you’re hitting targets.

QRHackerlist_oklist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wrong helps create a personalised QR code from any URL. Again, we doubt this can replace the typical CV, but a QR code that links to, for example, your LinkedIn profile or your Vizify profile would be an original addition to a business card. Bioping is a similar service, which takes you to a custom-made page where you can keep all your details in one place a slap on a QR.

Resumuplist_oklist_oklist_wronglist_wronglist_wrong As well as creating a visual timeline of your CV, you can set yourself career goals and Resumup will tell you what steps lie between the two points. It also lists friends within your network who can help. We weren’t entirely convinced by the career path Resumup suggested for us, but this is a good idea and could work well in the future with more development.

Have you had a similar experience with these tools? Do you have any more to share?


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