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Doing what you love: Creative jobs for creative souls

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For the creative souls looking for a creative job.

creative job record1

So you’re an artist, a musician, a designer, a chef. You grew up drawing on every piece of paper you got your hands on, spent hours sitting at the piano, and you made a promise to yourself that you’d spend your whole life refining a red wine reduction for the perfect sirloin steak. But in this age of technology and numbers, economics and finance, creative jobs may seem hard to come by. But still you try and you search every job engine site with keywords like “illustration,” “design,” “music,” and when you get desperate, “anything, just not a desk job. Please.”

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Getting your CV through automatic selection

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Your CV may have been rejected by a machine – and you don’t even know!

automatic filter_jobisjob

It’s a question of time and resources; let me start with an example. In Spain, where the recession and unemployment are unfortunately trending topics, a franchise that sells lingerie is looking for 5 sales assistants for a shop that intends to open shortly. Soon after publishing the vacancies on an employment website, there were already over 1,500 applications! And the number is still rising…

I don’t know if this franchise uses specific software in its selection process for filtering the tsunami of CVs, but it is a practise that is being used more and more frequently. According to Jobscan, a company that specialises in optimising CVs, 90% of large companies use an analysis programme, (ATS) to do a preliminary screening of curriculums. In broad terms, it works like this:

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2013 UK labour market trends (infographic)

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Hiring trends in the UK for January-December 2013

2013 Jobisjob labor market trends

Ladies and gents, the exclusive 2013 JobisJob annual infographic has arrived. Want to know which cities and regions have the most jobs with us? Which companies are hiring and which job titles are booming? And of course, we’ve even researched salary distribution within job fields.

The JobisJob infographic has all you need to know about last year’s data so you can plan for a brighter and more successful 2014.

Check it out by clicking on the image or just click here. 

To see the 2013 1st semester hiring trends, refer to this previous blog post. 


Working abroad: The importance of intercultural skills

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Anyone thinking about working abroad for a multinational company will certainly face cultural differences. One should always keep in mind that other cultures may have customs unfamiliar to you. Have an open mind and be aware that just because the way of doing things seem peculiar, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Interculturality – What is it?

“Culture” is one of the most complex concepts of all times (inspired by the famous quote by Raymond Williams: “Culture is one of the two or three most complicated words in the English language”). And it’s not for nothing that we ask ourselves what “interculturality” means, if “culture” is already impossible to define.


To keep it simple, interculturality can be said to be any situation in which different cultural backgrounds converge. First and foremost, different backgrounds and opinions represent a huge enrichment to any society or team. Because people who socialize similarly have more in common, diverging backgrounds could also lead to cultural conflicts. This may happen for many reasons; difference in nationality, culture or way of life. These differences can only be interpreted correctly when people possess intercultural sensitivity and skills.

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A real adventure: 4L Trophy 2014

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The 17th edition of the student rally 4L Trophy starts on February 13th and we will be following the team “The Raid Chicks” and its two members on their adventurous and humanitarian journey from France to Morocco.

Team member Julie Clavert, a French Civil Engineering student, was planning to be out there at the forefront of the 2014 event, but an unfortunate leg injury at the last minute has thwarted those plans. Now she is cheering on her team from afar, just like us. Until last Thursday, it was not certain if she and her partner, Laurine Caron, also a Civil Engineering student at ENISE, could find a replacement on such short notice…

4L Trophy_JobisJobEN copy

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