A real adventure: 4L Trophy 2014

The 17th edition of the student rally 4L Trophy starts on February 13th and we will be following the team “The Raid Chicks” and its two members on their adventurous and humanitarian journey from France to Morocco.

Team member Julie Clavert, a French Civil Engineering student, was planning to be out there at the forefront of the 2014 event, but an unfortunate leg injury at the last minute has thwarted those plans. Now she is cheering on her team from afar, just like us. Until last Thursday, it was not certain if she and her partner, Laurine Caron, also a Civil Engineering student at ENISE, could find a replacement on such short notice…

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“Unfortunately Julie cannot participate, which I utterly regret as it has to be difficult to see your own project in danger so close before it starts.  Laurine offered me the chance to be her replacement, and because there was no inconvenience on my part and I love adventures, I naturally agreed”, says Marie Lopez, who has just signed on as co-pilot of the Raid Chicks. On February 13th the rally begins and as every year, all participants will meet about 10 days later at their final destination in the middle of the desert.

Raid 4L Trophy is seen as the student version of the “Dakar Rally” and only matriculated students between 18 and 28 yrs. old may participate and drive the 6.000 kilometres within 10 days, all the way from France to Morocco. Helicopters and replacement vehicles accompany the participants and, as you can see, only legendary Renault 4 can participate – a popular car amongst students in France. The journey ends in the Moroccan desert, near Marrakesh, where the NGO “Enfants du Désert” welcomes the caravan of students. The main mission of the Raid 4L Trophy is not to get there first, but to enjoy the adventure and make a solidary contribution. The Renault 4 cars are packed with classroom materials, which will be distributed amongst children in need by the local organisation Enfants du Désert. Since its first event in 1998, the Raid 4L Trophy has annually increased in size, lucrative sponsors (amongst others JobisJob :) ) and media coverage. This year, more than 1,300 Renault 4’s will participate!

After a short rest and joyful reunion with the other participants, Laurine and Marie will make the journey back home, passing through Spain. We very much hope that they are able to make a pit stop at our offices in Barcelona!

We will keep you posted on their progress and wish them the best of luck and a safe trip!

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