Doing what you love: Creative jobs for creative souls

For the creative souls looking for a creative job.

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So you’re an artist, a musician, a designer, a chef. You grew up drawing on every piece of paper you got your hands on, spent hours sitting at the piano, and you made a promise to yourself that you’d spend your whole life refining a red wine reduction for the perfect sirloin steak. But in this age of technology and numbers, economics and finance, creative jobs may seem hard to come by. But still you try and you search every job engine site with keywords like “illustration,” “design,” “music,” and when you get desperate, “anything, just not a desk job. Please.”

Which jobs need creative minds?

But what you don’t realise is that you’re probably good at many things and capable of a lot more than you think. You just have to dig deeper and you’ll find that many companies in today’s job market need creative minds like you to spice things up a bit. Check out a previous article we wrote about journalist and Cool Hunter, Clara De Nadal, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to start your own venture.

graphic designer

For the visual artist there are a wide variety of career choices. Graphic design has become a popular and in demand field; not only can a graphic designer work promoting a product in an advertising firm, but they can expand to working for magazines, as an illustrator and as a brand identity developer. Just think about that little apple on the back of laptops in the coffee shop, it’s not just an apple is it? Images stick with us and they are recognized globally. Why not check out arts jobs in your area. Who knows, you could be the artist behind the next big brand.

You have a Facebook account and know how to manoeuvre your way around twitter and Pinterest. At parties and gatherings you find yourself mingling with all groups of friends and can start a conversation with anyone, even with the old lady in the grocery shop looking for full fat milk. Why not try social media and digital marketing or public relations? These jobs need outgoing extroverts like you with a passion for connecting people. Interested? Check out a few public relations jobs in your area.


Don’t forget about photography. And I’m not just talking about tumblr and Instagram. Photographers are needed in a wide range of fields from photo journalism to fashion and magazines. Travel, learning about new cultures and peoples are all part of a photographer’s job.

See? No need to worry. You’ve got options. At first, sure, maybe you’ll be a little lost, a little uncomfortable, but you’ll catch on quickly. You’ll pick up new skills and push yourself far from your comfort zone. And at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of yourself for doing something you never thought you could.

Relax, take it easy

With your new job you can kick up your feet and unwind because you’re not worried about next month’s rent and your dinners have become much more than pasta and canned tomatoes. And hey, maybe you find yourself happy doing something you never imagined yourself doing. But remember—your job is your job, not your life, and not by any means, who you are. You’re still the creative mind, the artist, and the chef. Our jobs don’t stop us from drawing, from making music, from taking photographs, from baking tarts and decorating cupcakes. Keep doing what you love, because what you love is what makes you, you.

Jeannine for JobisJob

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