Getting your CV through automatic selection

Your CV may have been rejected by a machine – and you don’t even know!

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It’s a question of time and resources; let me start with an example. In Spain, where the recession and unemployment are unfortunately trending topics, a franchise that sells lingerie is looking for 5 sales assistants for a shop that intends to open shortly. Soon after publishing the vacancies on an employment website, there were already over 1,500 applications! And the number is still rising…

I don’t know if this franchise uses specific software in its selection process for filtering the tsunami of CVs, but it is a practise that is being used more and more frequently. According to Jobscan, a company that specialises in optimising CVs, 90% of large companies use an analysis programme, (ATS) to do a preliminary screening of curriculums. In broad terms, it works like this:

1- This software executes your curriculum and the exam begins!

2- In order to analyse your life online, this system eliminates your style (that means that only the basic text is left) and classifies the content under generic categories: contact information, training, professional experience and skills.

3- When all the information has been processed, it contrasts it semantically with the job description published and any additional content introduced by the company.

4- Finally, it grades your CV based on criteria that has been pre-defined by the company. This is how it gets rid of any curriculums that do not fit the position. Separating the “good” from the “bad”!

You against the machine

6 recommendations for winning the game (and beating out these robots):

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Don’t panic: you don’t have to contract an SEO analyst to draw up your curriculum! The key is to write it to measure – without forgetting trends in CV writing and taking the following recommendations into account.

list_okMost basic
: if the robot is comparing key concepts for the vacancy against your CV, the more coincidences it finds the better! Prioritise those that appear in the job vacancy heading, required and desirable knowledge, and any that have been included more than once.

Besides the specific content in the job offer, the employer will enter other relevant information into the system, such as competition companies, prestigious educational institutes or business schools, and the values and skills being looked for in a candidate. Remember that.

list_okCreate categories and sub-categories to list your professional experience. For example, a journalist who is applying for a position as a communications expert: one of the main categories might be Communication. As specific or sub-categories, we could highlight Internal Communications, Media Relations, Crisis Management, Public Relations, etc.

list_okDo not attach a photo to your CV. Photographs and background images can collapse the system and turn your CV into an illegible document (or a container of broken dreams).

list_okUse numbers or lists instead of paragraphs. This kind of software may find it difficult to interpret long blocks of text. The inconvenience here is that a 3-page long curriculum may become 6 pages. So you need to synthesise and keep speficif to the job offer (which is the best thing to do anyway).

list_okThe most sophisticated software will also trace you on social networks. Take care of your online reputation and make sure that your social media profiles don’t contradict your curriculum.

list_okTake the test. Jobscan is a free and very simple tool that helps you to analyse how compatible your CV is with the vacancy that you are applying for. The inconvenient part is that it is still at beta phase and is only available for a small number of professional profiles. But it looks good so we’ll keep our eye on it…

What do you think of this use of technology in the selection process? Not long ago, we wrote about work performed by robots but none of them were in relation to capturing talent. If you ever go to a job interview where the recruiter works by remote control, let us know! 

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