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Absurd laws: It’s illegal to open a can of soda without the supervision of a qualified engineer

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And other laws that seem to come from another planet but still remain in force! If you live and work where these laws are carried out, pay close attention and be weary of your actions; you wouldn’t want to be thrown in jail for farting in public after 6pm in Florida.

Danger in a can of Coca-Cola

absurd_laws-jobisjobIn Oklahoma, if you happen to open a can of Coca-Cola without the presence of an experienced technician, you could end up taking an unexpected tour of an Oklahoma penitentiary cell. Yikes.
This law, and those that I’ll mention, may sound absurd to you, but they were created once upon a time to meet a need or to protect a right. What’s strange is that many years have passed, yet they remain in force. They have no effect, except as anecdotes, as the context of risk no longer exists.

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Pep Guardiola: Winning matches both on and off the field

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Taking a step back to analyse the personality and leadership model of Pep Guardiola, ex-coach, of FC Barcelona, Miguel Ángel Violán reflects the teaching style of Pep in his book, “The Guardiola Method: why leaders with common sense get uncommon results.” Violán is a Guardiola fan to the core and though he may not believe Guardiola is perfect, he considers Guardiola’s metholody applicable to both on the field and in the workplace.

How Guardiola succeeds

Playing clean, scoring goals and winning matches. 
Currently Coaching for FC BayernGuardiola method1_jobisjob Munich, Pep has become a role model for his method of management—both on and off the field. Many business heads have adopted his techniques and structured their business models around Pep’s ideology. His famous quote has inspired all teams, even teams in the workplace. “There’s a magical moment when we’re training for a match, when I say, we’ve got it – tomorrow we’re going to win”, what company wouldn’t want that mantra for a little motivation?

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Interview with Christine Hart

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In honour of Women’s History Month, we’ve interviewed Christine Hart about her years of modelling, travel, and her new passion, writing. In the words of Christine, “perseverance is the key to success”.

About Christine Hart

Christine graduated with a law degree but pursued a modelling career. She has travelled the world, lived in beautiful cities and worked with the famous photographer, Helmut Newton. Christine’s career wasn’t always wonderful and a chance encounter with Colonel Gaddafi proved her journey as a model to be tougher than magazine photo-shoots and runway walks. After 10 years of modelling, she is now a mother of two and has written her first book, “The Stories Models Never Tell”. Christine Hart aims to shed light onto the reality of the modelling world.

Christine hart book cover

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The 10th Annual Onrec Awards and mobile recruitment

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Black dresses, suits and ties, and a night of glam and glitz. We’re not talking about the Oscars, onreccollagewe’re talking about the annual Onrec Online Recruitment Awards. This year, the ceremony was hosted at the beautiful Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in the Financial District of London, and for the first time, JobisJob was in attendance! The ceremony draws over 400 people from different companies coming together to celebrate the achievements, advancements and innovation within the Online Recruitment Industry. Entries are open to any company within the recruitment industry, and this year, JobisJob was the sponsor for the Best Use of Mobile Award.

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Video Interview: The Raid Chicks make it to Barcelona

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In honour of Women’s Month, we had the opportunity to meet and interview the infamous Raid Chicks! 

After 10 days and 6,000 kilometres, encountering mechanical difficulties, passing through a handful of cities, not to mention the Moroccan desert, the Raid Chicks are only a few hundred kilometres from home. The frst thing they’ll do when they arrive back in France? Give their families big hugs and revel in their mother’s homemade dinners. JobisJob sponsored and followed the adventure in their bright orange Renault 4L from Poitiers, France through Salamanca, Seville (Spain), and finally, Marrakech, Morocco. These two girls, Laurine and Marie, have quite a story to tell. On their last stop before home, the Raid Chicks dropped by JobisJob here in Barcelona to tell us a little more about their journey from France to the Moroccan desert.


Wondering if the car has a name? How their family felt about their journey? And curiously, how Justin Timberlake made an appearance in the Moroccan desert. Keep reading to find out! And don’t forget to check out the live interview of their incredible adventure.

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