Absurd laws: It’s illegal to open a can of soda without the supervision of a qualified engineer

And other laws that seem to come from another planet but still remain in force! If you live and work where these laws are carried out, pay close attention and be weary of your actions; you wouldn’t want to be thrown in jail for farting in public after 6pm in Florida.

Danger in a can of Coca-Cola

absurd_laws-jobisjobIn Oklahoma, if you happen to open a can of Coca-Cola without the presence of an experienced technician, you could end up taking an unexpected tour of an Oklahoma penitentiary cell. Yikes.
This law, and those that I’ll mention, may sound absurd to you, but they were created once upon a time to meet a need or to protect a right. What’s strange is that many years have passed, yet they remain in force. They have no effect, except as anecdotes, as the context of risk no longer exists.

15 Absurd laws to know if you travel

These leftover laws, taken from different sources, give us an inside on the history, culture and traditions of a country. Nobody is going to press charges for these outrageous regulations, unless of course, you stumble across a time machine.

1. In Tennessee (USA), a woman is prohibited from driving unless there is a man walking slowly in front of the car, waving a red flag to warn of the danger. Is this supposed to test our prudence or our patience?

2. It is a criminal offense to break a promise in Louisiana (USA). How I wish this law could apply to our politicians!

3. In Hidalgo (Mexico), attending an event without an invitation could lead to prison and a fine. The official offense is entering a prohibited area, the unofficial, crashing a party!

4. You can shoot a bear in Alaska (USA), but not disturb it to take its photo! Very logical, obviously. But did they ask the bear?

5. In England, if you are a woman travelling on public transport, you can’t eat chocolate! What horror to break up this perfect relationship.

6. In Maine (USA), it is illegal to get off a moving aeroplane. Isn’t it punishment enough if you succeed?

7. It is forbidden to kiss in public in Guanajanto (Mexico). There’s a similar situation in Paris (France), where this token of love cannot be exchanged on a station platform. The law was meant to prevent departure delays due to never-ending goodbyes. Personally, I think it’s marvellous that the trains were so respectful to such moments of romance. How times have changed.

8. In Germany, a pillow can be considered to be a weapon of passive destruction. And so, is an alarm clock a weapon of mass destruction?

9. If you’re a woman and you live in Ohio (USA), you’re not allowed to wear patent leather shoes just in case your underwear is reflected in them. They really ought to the fine the people who are shutterstock_124556971looking!

10. In Estonia it is illegal to play chess while making love. Obviously, each activity requires complete concentration, but do we have to make it a criminal offense?

11. In California (USA) it’s an offense for a boss and a secretary to be alone in the same room. And in days gone by, did work meetings turn into family gatherings?

12. In Mexico, a woman who has graduated in General Medicine cannot study Surgery unless she promises in writing not to marry or have children for a year. Men of the world: multitasking exists, and we’ll explain how it works to you whenever you want.

13. In Colombia, a woman can only have sex with her husband. But the first time she does, her mother has to witness it. This is the point when “my wife’s lovely mother” becomes “that dragon of a mother-in-law”, and for good reason…

14. In York (England), if you feel like it, you can kill a Scotsman within the city walls, so long as he is armed with a bow and arrow. Please, can we get this repealed quickly… like, before Burns Night?!

15. And lastly, you better make sure you own a boat if you’re in Hawaii (USA). I guess this means it’s probably law to own a mansion on one of the islands!

The list is long: you can’t lick toads, or get fish drunk and it’s clear that the Americans win by a mile in the race of bizarre laws. Do you know any other ridiculous regulations? Leave a comment below and let us know the most bizarre laws you’ve encountered!

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2 thoughts on “Absurd laws: It’s illegal to open a can of soda without the supervision of a qualified engineer

  1. Peter Brooks

    With regard to No. 12, many female GP’s in this country seem not to wish to put in a full week’s work; preferring instead to work flexi-time. Considering the time and expense necessary to train a Doctor, I think it only reasonable that Doctors pledge to work a full week. I wouldn’t place much trust in any Doctor that tried multi-tasking during a consultation with me!

    1. Jeannine

      Good morning, Peter
      Thank you for your comment. With respect to multitasking, we are mainly referring to women (and men) being able to maintain a stable work-life balance, though we do believe it’s possible to multitask within the workplace as well (but you’re right, surely multitasking during a consultation isn’t the best idea!)
      Thanks for reading and have a wonderful morning.

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