The 10th Annual Onrec Awards and mobile recruitment

Black dresses, suits and ties, and a night of glam and glitz. We’re not talking about the Oscars, onreccollagewe’re talking about the annual Onrec Online Recruitment Awards. This year, the ceremony was hosted at the beautiful Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in the Financial District of London, and for the first time, JobisJob was in attendance! The ceremony draws over 400 people from different companies coming together to celebrate the achievements, advancements and innovation within the Online Recruitment Industry. Entries are open to any company within the recruitment industry, and this year, JobisJob was the sponsor for the Best Use of Mobile Award.

Why choose this award?

There were many categories at the awards, categories like Technical Innovation, Creative Offline Marketing, and Corporate Graduate Site awards. Why did JobisJob choose to sponsor the Best Use of Mobile Award? We’ve asked our Marketing Manager, Tanya Arch to give us a rundown on the importance of mobile recruitment.

What exactly is mobile recruitment?

mobilerecruitment_jobisjobMobile recruitment is essentially just another form of Mobile Marketing.  It is a way of delivering content to your target audience and attracting candidates for job opportunities through handheld devices like smartphones.  For a recruitment firm, it is an increasingly important way of actively engaging and recruiting potential candidates.  With the development of different applications (track offer location, share with a friend, apply by phone, application status updates, and sharing via social media networks), mobile recruitment offers companies a way to stay connected with the new generation of job seekers and also increases their reach into the talent pool (especially considering more people currently use SMS messaging systems than email!).

And why is it important?

Well, if you are looking to find the best talent in order to fill the positions you are recruiting for, then you need to make sure you have all your bases covered.  By limiting recruitment to only one type of media, whether it be print, tv, radio, or web, then you are basically excluding an x % of the population and cutting yourself off from a potential candidate.  Even if you think your target audience is not on a mobile device, they soon will be.  Recent figures point to 50 Billion connected devices by 2020… That’s a BIG AUDIENCE. And as I pointed out before, different mobile applications that are being developed have effectively streamlined the mobile recruitment process making it easier to find and apply for a position on a mobile device than on some of the more saturated web-based platforms currently available.

Why sponsor this event and this particular award?

At JobisJob we believe in creativity and innovation in order to grow as a company and service.  mobiles_jobisjobOne of our biggest priorities is user satisfaction. Right now, roughly 47% of our users are accessing job offers via a mobile device (and this number is higher depending on the geographical location).  With this number expected to increase we’ve aligned our services and products to embrace the recruiting process through this emerging technology.  We are committed to innovation and have plans in place to expand our mobile technology this year.  Considering the current buzz surrounding mobile recruitment and the fact that this is a new award, we thought it was appropriate to align our brand in this category and further strengthen our commitment to increasing user satisfaction through this medium.

Your superpower

Now that you know your mobile is capable of a lot more than Candy Crush and Facebook, use that superpower for good! Your horizons are vast and you have endless opportunities to find the job that fits your own unique superpower.

Jeannine for JobisJob

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