10 Tips from Successful People

successful people

Psychologists Belinda Board and Katarina Fritzon (Psychology, Crime & Law, 2005) have discovered a correlation between psychopathic character traits and those exhibited by some top managers. There you have it in black and white, your boss is a psychopath. No, of course we’re just kidding. Though it may seem that with those of higher intelligence, the line between genius and madness is thinner than those of average intelligence, we firmly believe that what people need to become successful leaders in the modern world are empathy and good judgement.

For all who want to continue to develop as you make your way to the top, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that are in no way unscrupulous – they’re easy to implement and we believe they’ll help you to succeed greatly in your professional life.

Successful people…

list_okuse their coffee breaks to improve the atmosphere in the office and to bond with their colleagues.

list_ok have a good work-life balance with plenty of time for friends, family, sport or personal hobbies. Workaholics are successful but when their commitment to work turns into a permanent state of stress, it’s more likely to lead to a burnout rather than to long-term career success.

list_okkeep their E-mail inbox tidy and work with to-do lists and Outlook reminders. There is nothing more professional than always having a good overview of the general situation as well as a concrete understanding of important projects.

list_okgreet their colleagues in the morning and nurture their professional contacts. They always exude a positive vibe, they can network and they respect and show consideration for their colleagues.

list_okare involved in projects that personally motivate them. They’re not absent-mindedly proactive, they take initiative and suggest projects or they volunteer to take on tasks that interest them. With stimulating projects, it’s impossible not to be motivated to work.

list_ok can distinguish between the important and the unimportant to set their priorities accordingly.

list_ok read or watch the news and absorb anything relevant to their job or company like a sponge.

list_ok can cope with setbacks and learn from negative feedback and criticism.

list_ok communicate in a fair, open and direct manner.

list_okknow that people aren’t born successful - they work hard to achieve their goals!

What do you think: do you need to be unscrupulous to be successful? Or does Generation Y demand leadership figures whose success is based on authenticity and consideration for others.

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