Improving and Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile

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Social media has transformed. If you’re looking for your place in the world today, LinkedIn is where you need to be. Hiring through social media has increased and continues to do so. Over 90% of companies use social media platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram to recruit potential employees. LinkedIn, the leader in recruitment via social media has over 97% of companies using the page as one of their tools. With 97% of companies looking at your profile, let’s try to make it 100% perfect.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for your job hunt; over 3 million companies are listed on the site and 500,000 of those company pages were added in the past year alone. LinkedIn connects you to 300 million members in over 200 countries worldwide. That’s a lot of networking, but with an average of 2 new users per second, your profile needs to stand out from the rest. Let’s make sure your page shines.

8 crucial changes you need to make to your LinkedIn profile

1. Keywords: 
Finding the right keywords will take a bit of research but they are extremely important for your profile to be found by potential employers. Keywords are the SEO (search engine optimization) of LinkedIn. You want to find the words your employers will be searching for; you can use the Google keyword planner to aid in this process. Once you have the right keywords, scatter them throughout your profile; in your headline, company positions, experience and summary.

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2. Name and photo: Though LinkedIn is a social media page, it is strictly professional. Use only your full name on your profile; first and surname. It’s also a good idea to customize your URL to your name; this puts your profile ahead of other profiles in a search. Your photo will tell a lot about you before an employer even looks at your profile. Pages with photos are 7 times more likely to be looked at by a recruiter; make sure you’re wearing a pressed white shirt, a blazer or nice jacket.

3. Headline: You have 110 characters to introduce yourself. Use your words wisely; make the headline short but direct. How do you want to be seen? Think about your headline carefully and remember you’re trying to seduce your audience; be interesting, creative and unforgettable. Don’t forget to slip in a keyword.

300 million users are connected on LinkedIn in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

4. Summary: This is a chance to give your own personal, uninterrupted pitch. You have 2,000 characters for your summary, use them all. Don’t be a robot; tell a story, keep the reader latched on to your words and don’t be afraid to ruthlessly sell yourself. Are you proud of an accomplishment? Tell them about it. Break up your summary and make it easy to read and follow; use headers and sub-headers and don’t forget to throw in your key words.

5. Be a little pompous: Not too much, but just a little. You love your job and take pride in what you have achieved. If there’s one place to highlight your expertise to the world, it’s on LinkedIn. You’ve got to remember you’re competing with over 227 million users, be the one different from the rest. If you have an online portfolio and projects or links to blogs and websites, make sure you add and share them. Recruiters want to know who you are and what you’ve done. Show them all you have to offer. If you decide to add external links to blogs, portfolios, or other social media sites, make sure you’ve kept the name or URL consistent.

networking_linkedin6. Network and connect: Never thought you’d see that old friend from secondary school again? Or an old boss from when you worked a few summers at a coffee shop? Think again. Everyone is on LinkedIn and friends and colleagues from your past will surface. Connect with them! Endorse a skill of theirs and hopefully they’ll return the favour. Networking will always work to your advantage; the more people you know, the more opportunities are likely to surface.

7. Recommendations: These are imperative. It doesn’t matter if you say you’re passionate about your work or that you’re a team player. Have your bosses, past or present, even your colleagues back you up on your statements. Their recommendations and comments add credibility and validation to your profile.

8. Be active: Don’t have a LinkedIn profile because everyone else does and don’t toss it aside and forget about it. Use it! It’s the best free tool you’ll have. Check it frequently, update your status and make it interesting. If you’ve found a thought-provoking article or a compelling statistic, post it! Being active shows you’re keen.

Be your own editor

Lastly, don’t forget to review your profile. Having spelling and grammatical errors on your page is an easy but colossal mistake. Be diligent, check your work, read and re-read what you’ve written. Make sure you’ve said exactly what you needed to say and to which audience. Remember, LinkedIn is your free super tool, use it as much as you can, as often as you can.

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    As an experienced IT professional the article hits the mark exceptionally well. Well written and kudos to the author.

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