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Finding Your Perfect Match: Speed Recruitment

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speed_recruitingTwo minutes! Ring! “Hello, I’m Abby. I love rainy days curled up in my leather chair and reading by the window with a cup of tea. I live for getting lost in the tiny streets of cities I don’t know. My perfect date would start early in the morning with a long walk and a picnic in the mountains.

Have your friends ever dragged you out for a night of speed dating? Luckily mine haven’t, well, not yet! Have you ever tried speed dating? What would you think about the same concept applied to recruitment?

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Eye-tracking: Your CV is Evaluated in Only 6 Seconds

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Is it possible to improve your curriculum vitae and make a better impression on HR managers? What criteria do recruiters use to judge CVs? The company TheLadders surveyed a handful HR managers and summarised their results.

The TheLadders specialises in advising job seekers and offers services in the area of CV preparation. Their study found that well-structured CVs drew attention to the important points, thus allowing the HR manager to have a clear understanding of the applicant and lead them to make a better hiring decision. The study is very compelling on the matter of “eye-tracking”. The eye movements of HR managers were tracked as they read the various CVs. Take a look at the study.

A comparison of eye-tracking between unstructured and clearly structured CVs:TheLadder-Blickerfassung-Lebenslauf

(Image source: TheLadders, 2014)

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Cultural Differences: It Never Rains in Spain

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What’s the difference between a Brit and a Spaniard? One drinks a bloody mary and the other sangria. Well, not quite. Language is not the only difference cultures share. If you’re thinking about living and working abroad, understanding cultural differences is crucial, and not to be confused with cultural stereotypes.

British_Spanish_Cultural_DifferencesSpain, like most countries these days is at a vicious war with the economy. Recent figures show that 6 out of 10 Spaniards under the age of 25 are unemployed, that’s 57% of the age group’s population! “No nos vamos, nos echan,” (We’re not leaving, they’re throwing us out), the popular phrase circling the young generation of Spain, clearly illustrating the anger against the government and Spain’s situation. Spaniards are leaving their sunny shores to seek work and a better life elsewhere, and a lot of them are heading for the UK. At the end of 2009, the Spanish population in the UK hit 57,350, by the end of 2012, it soared to 73,659.

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Creative CVs: Tips for Creative Applications

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In some sectors, creative CVs and original job applications are neither common nor desirable. If you’re looking for a job within a creative industry like advertising, communication, design, within a start-up or a company with a creative department, then an original CV will set you apart from the rest!

Thinking (and creating) outside the box

Creative CVs are best prepared with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Though there are other tools to use, these programs may limit your imagination and the result may be unprofessional. If you need inspiration, you’ll find amazing CVs on websites such as or, like this stunning example by Pernille Posselt from Denmark:


Don’t have the Adobe Creative Suite? No problem, you can find free demo versions and tutorials on the internet. You’ll probably need some time to fiddle about and find your way around the program before creating graphic elements and original layouts. Jonny Evans has created a design template (Designer’s Resume Template) for these cases – and it can be downloaded for free. Thanks Jonny! Important tip for the Adobe programs: Be sure to use guides!

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Book Raffle: The WINNERS Have Been Chosen! Congratulations Adina and Beatriz for Winning a Copy of “The Stories Models Never Tell”.

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model_christine_hart_raffleWe’re giving away TWO copies of top model Christine Hart’s latest book: “The Stories Models Never Tell”. In it she describes, from her experience and in great detail, the hidden side of the modelling profession. You’ll be surprised by her sincerity and the unimaginable situations she has experienced, like meeting Gaddafi, which she describes as “the most terrifying one of my life”.

How to take part

It’s simple! Add a comment to this article by answering the following question:

What would be your dream job? And if you have your dream job, what do you do? 

All you have to do is share your experiences and you’re automatically entered to win! 

Important: Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment published immediately. It will be visible by the next day! 

When you enter your comment, you have to enter your E-mail address. We won’t publish it but it is very important that you enter it so we can contact you if you win.

Duration of the raffle: From 15 to 31 May 2014. But why wait? Start now!

Selecting the winners: The drawing is open to everyone who has published comments below this article during the established period. Like on other occasions, we will use the platform to select the winner.

Announcing the result of the drawing: We will announce the result of the drawing within a maximum period of 10 days after it ends. We will contact the winner via the E-mail provided when they entered their comment. We will also announce the result on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Participation in this drawing is totally free for the participant. JobisJob looks after everything!

To check the Terms and Conditions for the raffle, click here.

Don’t forget to comment with an answer to our question above! GOOD LUCK! 

We’d like to thank Christine Hart for providing us with copies of her book, “The Stories Models Never Tell.”

If you’d like to double your chances at winning, leave a comment on our German blog as well.