Finding Your Perfect Match: Speed Recruitment

speed_recruitingTwo minutes! Ring! “Hello, I’m Abby. I love rainy days curled up in my leather chair and reading by the window with a cup of tea. I live for getting lost in the tiny streets of cities I don’t know. My perfect date would start early in the morning with a long walk and a picnic in the mountains.

Have your friends ever dragged you out for a night of speed dating? Luckily mine haven’t, well, not yet! Have you ever tried speed dating? What would you think about the same concept applied to recruitment?

Don’t worry, you didn’t read wrong. Speed recruitment is real, and it could become the new way to hire. It is a fairly new concept and frequently aimed at recent university graduates. Yet being an unfamiliar concept, speed recruiting events have attracted many companies including IBM, Texas Instruments and RBC.

How it works

Who likes regular interviews? The nerves, the uncomfortable clothing, the waiting, the small talk. It’s all a blur and when the interview’s over, you can’t remember what you told your interviewer and spend all day worrying about what you forgot to say. Ok, so it’s not that bad and interviews go smoothly if you’re well prepared, but doesn’t the idea of speed interviewing intrigue you a little?

speed_recruitment_eventSpeed recruitment works much like speed dating (without the hope of finding your prince charming, of course). The event is set up, a time and date is given and jobseekers are made aware of the companies in attendance as well as their job vacancies. Beforehand, potential employees send their CVs to the companies for review; if their CV allures recruiters, they are invited to attend the event.

Upon arrival, one will notice the smooth voice of Lionel Richie echoing through the room, the young lads and ladies eager to meet their soul mate. The tables are decorated with a crisp white table cloth and a bottle of Rioja to settle the evening nerves. Well, not exactly. Lionel Richie is exchanged for the mingling and chatting of recruiters, companies and job seekers. The bottle of wine, replaced with resume skills and experience. The hope to meet a soul mate remains the same, just a different kind.

The advantages

Speed recruiting comes with a lengthy list of advantages that help both the recruiter and jobseeker. At these events, recruiters meet a wide variety of candidates all at once rather than a handful over a lengthy time period. Simultaneously, candidates have the chance to get to know many companies and have a clear view of dynamics and what would best fit their career goals.

list_okTime well spent: Everyone knows the interview process is a long and tiresome practice; it could drag on for weeks, even months. Speed recruitment cuts out this wasted time; after meeting with a candidate, an employer can easily make an assessment of whether or not they want to continue the interviewing process in more depth.

list_okRelax, take it easy: The social environment of these events means less nervous interviewees. They are confident and ready to sell themselves and what they can offer to the company. With the competition hovering close by, you bet they’ll be on their best game.


list_okClear comparisons: First impressions leave a lasting impact. Recruiters can easily compare one candidate to another, or to 20! Having a visual comparison facilitates the recruiter decision. They can take note and observe how potential employees socialise with others and how they perform in a competitive environment.

list_okGet outta here small talk: Having only a few minutes to pitch to recruiters, jobseekers cut out small talk and get right to business. Skills, work experience, goals and job responsibilities are covered in a straightforward and precise manner. Both the candidate and recruiter must be in accordance; the candidate to make sure the position is the right match and the recruiter to make sure the candidate is the best one for the job.

Next time you see a flier for a speed recruiting event, don’t be sceptical. You probably won’t find your dream girl, but you could land your dream job. These events are also a great opportunity to network and meet new people. Less stress doesn’t mean less preparation, still research the company and the position, and make sure your CV highlights your strengths and experiences clearly.

Have you attended a speed recruitment event? If you have, share and comment below!

Jeannine for JobisJob

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