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With These 5 Video CVs, You’re Sure to Get That Job

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…Or you’ll at least make an impression on the recruiter that will last till the end of time. We’re not talking about that classic video CV, you know that one where you sit in front of the camera and explain your typical CV without polishing it up at all. Right now, video CVs are a current trend and any version that you dare to put into practice will fully classify you for the professional league. But these video CVs have nothing to do with that. I’m referring to little lethal capsules, emotionally-speaking, that have become a social phenomenon. They are circulating around the social networks at whim (they seem to be married to the “Share” button) and provoke empathy in just a few minutes. You’re sure to be able to get ideas from each of these video CVs!

Heads up! All of these video CVs are in Spanish. Half of them have English subtitles, so don’t worry! But we thought it was a cool idea to show you how other countries use their creative minds to land a job. Remember, it’s always a good idea to learn about and share cultures!

I’ll sing it to you

Enzo Vizcaíno invented the “underground curriculum vitae”.  He was looking for work as a journalist, scriptwriter or writer (when you see the video, you won’t be able to stop yourself from putting that last sentence to music) so he took his ukulele and explained it in song through the cars of the Barcelona underground.

Internships: Is Working for Free Really Worth It?

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Internships_Work_JobisJobWork for free? For little pay? Long, tiring hours alongside someone who gets paid a full-time salary? Sounds like one of those hidden camera shows, right? It isn’t, it’s just the intern world. These days, students and companies alike question the value of an internship experience. Does it really work to an applicant’s favour when applying for a job?

An internship’s primary role is to help university students decide which career path to follow upon graduation. Internships are more than an afterschool job; daily tasks vary greatly and the intern is taught a vast range of new skills. Interns, though contrary to pop culture and films, are not subdued to refilling coffee cups and fetching clean laundry!

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Self-Marketing and Branding: A Must When Looking for a Job and Developing Your Career?

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The internet is swarming with career blog posts on self-marketing and branding. For many people who don’t work in the marketing sector, creating your own brand sounds rather ambitious. Notwithstanding our interest in this topic we should make one thing clear, something many people overlook: In many professions it is simply not necessary to have a polished LinkedIn or Twitter profile. It also comes across as odd when someone has a comprehensive and professional internet presence but are, in real life, completely unapproachable, making quite a different impression to the way they come across on the internet. However, we urge you to read on and keep an open mind about this topic.

self marketing

Doing some self-advertising has its advantages in all occupational fields and is certainly not limited to the internet. Be sure to read this post carefully and hopefully by the end, you’ll be able to use some of our self-branding tips! To start, ask yourself this question:

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Child Labour: A Global Problem

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Today, June 12 is “World Day Against Child Labour”. This day, created in 2002 by the International Labour Organization aims to bring worldwide awareness to the horrors and injustice of child labour. Since 2002, global child labour has declined by one third, from 236 million to 168 million. Though we are on the right path and the number is decreasing, our final goal is to permanently eradicate child labour.

michael biach- child labour in bangladesh

Many people may think that child labour only takes place in poorer countries but on the contrary, child labour is very much a global problem. From children mining for diamonds in Cote d’Ivoire, to working in tobacco fields in the United States, no country is exempt from the inhumanity of child labour.

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“Every day there are more film professionals in a world where there is less and less work”

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Natalia Cabral is a Film Director and co-founder of Faula Films. We sat down to talk with her about the social plot of her latest film “You and Me”, a sincere documentary set against a background that sketches the cultrual inequalities and the opportunity level in the Dominican Republic.

“You and Me” – your latest film explains the true story of…

The Mistress, a 70-year-old widow, and Aridia, and a young maid who live in a central apartment in Santo Domingo.  When there is not much work, they gossip together. But the relationship is sometimes complicated: the Mistress is in a bad mood and Aridia stands up to her as much as she can until the Mistress puts a stop to it by reminding her of “her place”. But moods change quickly and suddenly, another new piece of gossip, a television series, and both women grow close again. By the end of the day, they’re laughing together.

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