Networking | Who’s the Person in Charge of the Bathroom?

Importance of NetworkingI like Stephen Covey. He’s a guru in matters of leadership using the doting grandmother’s technique at the same time, or in other words: explains practically everything using a story as an example.

This tale tells the story of a pupil at the Higher School of Nursing who, having studied hard for one of the course exams, came across a very difficult question. The girl went about the exam, answering all the questions one by one until she read the last one: what was the name of the person in charge of cleaning the centre? The pupil was surprised. Was the question serious? What was the use of knowing the name of that person? Yes, she had seen her at times in the corridors, but she could hardly remember the colour of her uniform and she certainly had no idea of her name. Finally, she asked the teacher if the question really carried points in the exam. To which the teacher replied with a firm, “Of course. You will meet many people during your career and all of them are important. They all deserve your attention, even if all you do is smile or say “Hello”. The pupil understood the lesson and later found out the name of the lady in charge of the bathroom was called Dorothy.

This short anecdote can show us a lot, for example, the need to develop and exercise our most human side as we work and train as professionals. Unless we work alone and are surrounded by stone, showing our human side can only strengthen our work and personal relationships. It also shows the importance of the little details, sometimes the difference is a millimetre! These two skills are a fundamental pillar in the art of networking. Have you not heard of the theory of the six degrees of separation? Yes, the hypothesis that proves that any person in the world is connected to the rest by a maximum of 5 intermediaries. Incredible, isn’t it? And tempting… What it means is that we can do anything we want by getting to know new people!

Don’t miss anything at all that goes on around you because you might find the last piece to complete your puzzle where you least expect it!

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