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Tips and Advice: Controlling Body Language at Work

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advice on controlling body language

We say it all without saying a word. This sentence, although it oozes mass romanticism, contains scientifically proven truths. According to research by psychologist Albert Mehrabian on factors involved in persuasion, 55% of the effectiveness of speech lies in body language, followed, at some distance, by tone of voice (38%) and lastly, by the words used (7%).  Knowing this fact, we cannot allow ourselves to be negligent of our appearance, posture and gestures because others are obviously not!

Not long ago, we spoke about the importance of preparing first impressions at a job interview: we only need 7 seconds to build an opinion of another person. During a first meeting, our body language takes on the main role. Did you know that we can produce almost a million signs, over 200,000 facial expressions, almost 1,000 different postures and 5,000 different gestures? Heads up! We must be careful with cultural differences; the same gesture or expression may differ from country to country, understanding your cultural surrounding is essential. Your intuition is your best aid in adjusting or enhancing your body language in these situations.

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Employment Trends: Who’s Hiring and Where?

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the job market…

We now have a new area on the JobisJob website: Employment Trends. This tool gives our users unique insights into job market trends and presents our website’s job statistics in graph form.

In the UK, JobisJob carries more than 1,292,000 job advertisements. In London there are currently more than 230,000 job offers, and more than 24,000 in Birmingham (as of August 2014). What’s more, JobisJob is now represented in a total of 22 countries and it is clear that with regard to our Employment Trends we can talk of a Big Data Project.

JobisJob’s Trends tool


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Career Opportunities across the World: The Global Job Market

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LinkedIn publishes data on employee mobility and has identified an interesting shift that has occurred in the global competition for talent. 

The Global Job Market

As a rough estimate, I think that around half of the people in my circle of close friends are working in a different country to the one they were born in. Only in very few cases is this down to the parents deciding to move after these friends of mine were born. In most cases it was the friend who decided to set off for distant lands, driven by a yearning for adventure, and because those countries had the required resources and career prospects to offer. This generation goes abroad partly because career prospects are better but mainly because they are more interesting.

It appears to me that my friends intend to stay in Singapore, Switzerland, the USA, or Ghana for a few years at the most, before returning with a suitcase full of intercultural work experience. Do these plans work out?

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Finding a Job with JobisJob (Video)

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These days the internet is usually the first port of call when job searching…

That’s why we see it as our duty to provide a clear, graphic representation of job seeking on our website. Our video tutorial walks you through the job seeking process on JobisJob, even introducing you to awesome tools that make the search for interesting jobs even easier and more efficient.

Finding a job with JobisJob

This is how job seeking works on JobisJob

JobisJob works like any other search engine. Enter your desired occupation, a keyword or company, and add a certain location if you want to. Then click on “Search for jobs” and you’ll be given a list of current available positions. If a job among the results strikes your fancy, you can have a closer look by clicking on the link. One further click of the mouse will give you the full job details. When looking for jobs using search engines and job boards it is particularly important to use the right words. You can expand your search by entering occupations, job titles, companies, range of duties or other keywords in the search field “What”.

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Hey, There’s an App for That!

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jobisjob mobile appBefore 2002, E-mails were checked on our computers, and for some of us, this meant connecting via dialup. You know what I’m talking about, the all familiar sound that seemed to last hours, which I like to call, the soundtrack to my childhood. Today we don’t need our computers to check our E-mail, to put a reminder in our calendar, for international calls or conferences, to pay bills, to read the news. The list of things we can do from our mobile phones is close to infinite, and all from a tiny device that fits in our pocket.

Today 1 in 5 people own a smartphone. That’s more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. Mobile phones have not only changed our lives, they’ve changed the way we work, and they’ve changed the entire business model. These days companies don’t close, with online websites and mobile applications they’re always open. Clients can be reached at all hours, customers can shop from their phones and businesses can update their LinkedIn profile with the swipe of a finger.

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