Employment Trends: Who’s Hiring and Where?

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We now have a new area on the JobisJob website: Employment Trends. This tool gives our users unique insights into job market trends and presents our website’s job statistics in graph form.

In the UK, JobisJob carries more than 1,292,000 job advertisements. In London there are currently more than 230,000 job offers, and more than 24,000 in Birmingham (as of August 2014). What’s more, JobisJob is now represented in a total of 22 countries and it is clear that with regard to our Employment Trends we can talk of a Big Data Project.

JobisJob’s Trends tool


The JobisJob Trends area is divided into 5 sections: Overview, Companies, Job Title, Locations, and Contract Type. Each area displays the results of your search query from the search field “What” and “Where” in graph form. For example: you might be looking for a job in marketing and are not tied to a certain location? In that case JobisJob Trends can show you in which cities the most marketing jobs are advertised. Or would you be interested in knowing which companies in your city are offering jobs in your field? Our Employment Trends can also help you here.

Under Overview you’ll see what percentage of all job adverts on JobisJob contains your searched-for job title. For example, the picture below shows the results for “Marketing Manager” (search term) and “London” (location).


The Companies section tells you which companies are currently looking for a “Marketing Manager”. The list can be expanded below left. An extremely valuable tool for finding interesting companies!


You’ll find the link to the Employment Trends section on the lower right side of our webpages (our UK website, for example, is www.jobisjob.co.uk.)

Our websites also offer other interesting tools that make job searching easier! For example there is your private User Account, Jobmails, through which you receive personalised and up-to-date job adverts by e-mail  as well as My Network, which shows you in private which of your social media contacts connects you to a job advert. You’ll find more information on job seeking with JobisJob here.

JobisJob is a cross-sectoral job search engine that provides a comprehensive list of job adverts from the best known job exchanges and employers. With just a single search query you’ll find a filtered list of the most interesting job adverts – updated with new opportunities each and every day.

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