Lucky draw: ‘Pep Guardiola: The Philosophy that Changed the Game’

pep guardiola book

We’ve drawn our 2 winners from Congratulations to MB and TELMO Please send us en E-mail before Monday October, 20 to claim your book!

This book is not just for football fans! In fact, the author Miguel Angel Violán, a born-and-bred Catalan and communication expert, is actually not a huge fan of the world’s most popular sport himself. He revealed so much to us at a conference in June. But if you grow up in Barcelona it’s impossible to avoid the fan cult that surrounds FC Barcelona. And so, one day fifteen years ago, Violán comes across his fellow Catalan Pep Guardiola and predicted that he will have a successful career. Violán has been keeping an eye on Guardiola ever since.

This book has soul. The subject matter is, of course, football, FC Barcelona and Pep Guardiola’s football career. Readers are given fascinating insights thanks to Miguel Angel Violán’s close relationships with local football luminaries and figures in Guardiola’s private sphere. However, the author is also a celebrated communication expert and he observes Pep Guardiola, whom he depicts in both an analytical and entertaining manner, predominantly from a sociological perspective.

How to participate!

Everyone can enter! To do so, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this blog entry answering the following question:

What inspires you to be a leader?

The winners will be chosen by us via, the verdict cannot be challenged and you can find further information on entry conditions in English here.

Hurry and enter now! Raffle ends on October 15, 2014.

Good luck!

We would like to extend our special thanks to Miguel Angel Violán and the Meyer & Meyer and Planeta de Libros publishing houses, who kindly provided the books. 

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288 thoughts on “Lucky draw: ‘Pep Guardiola: The Philosophy that Changed the Game’

  1. Blanca

    People inspires to me a leader. Feedback is the most important thing in life: watching how people see your work and how world can change because of your work jnspires me to work and to be a leader.

    1. Shanmugam Piramanayagam

      I have faith on me and I hope I can educate my subordinates with my experience. Being an experience man in my field, I hope I could lead my team in all difficult situation and if anything goes wrong we should accept the same and not to point out a single person for that. That is my aim and doing it in the past

    2. nicolas zuniga

      I lead to give the example of how things are supposed to be done. With love and productivity, so that the next generations can learn and keep the wheel spinning.

    3. nicolas zuniga

      I lead to show how thing are supposed to be done, with love and productivity, so that the next generations can learn and keep the wheel turning.

  2. Matthew Erasmus

    Success inspires me to be a leader. Leading yourself and others to obtain a pre set goal generates drive and perseverance.

    1. Jeff Naidoo

      As a leader my intentions, expression and actions must have a direct and tangible unconditional benefit to those that I would serve as a leader

  3. Denise Knightley

    PRIDE. Pride in a job well done, pride in seeing people develop their skills, pride in my ability to make this happen!

    1. Pamela

      Success its a passion comes from your heart, whatever you do you want to see the rewards of that. And being a leader you need to lead by example your work, how you work with people, how you handle any situation etc.

  4. abhilash nair

    The thing which inspires me to become a leader is that I am very very confident about my ability to make any thing which I think to happen..
    I don’t have the fear of loosing and am not afraid of loosing coz if I loose once,frm that I will get more energy to succeed next time…

  5. Daisy Steiner

    I am inspired to be a leader by the next generation. I intend to impart as much of my knowledge as I can, before I shuffle off this mortal coil, so that others may learn and grow from the wisdom I can share.

  6. abhishek srivastava

    my positive attitude & vision towards my goal inspires me represent myself for the sake of others, inspite of these my spirit to do team work inspire me to be a leader

  7. Colin Grethe

    You can only achieve business success through people, so ‘what’ you do and ‘how’ you do it is critical to you achieving genuine staff engagement. If you can inspire others to do more, learn more, dream more and to aim high, then you are a leader.

  8. Deepak thakur

    Success cannot be achieved without complete determination and dedication to achieve it.. Normally people think u become a leader after u get success in your life, but the fact is when u strive hard to attain your goal people starts to look at you as a leader. So what is more important is style of your work to become a successful leader in life

  9. Bibhuti Ray

    Autobiographies of great leaders and their brave deeds undertaken for the upliftment of the downtrodden inspires me to be a leader.

  10. Amy Doram

    I am inspired to be a leader through the small things that my people do every day. Whether they deliver an amazing piece of work, hit an outstanding target, or even if they demonstrate teamwork by buying a cup of tea for their colleagues. If I can support and nurture their progression and development in any way through my leadership style then I’m happy and I’ve achieved job satisfaction.

  11. Ann

    The PASSION in all it’s shapes. The passion to love whatever are u doing. Only in this case u can feel totally and completely satisfied.

    1. Hamza Siddiqui

      Looking at failures we get inspires me to be a leader . Through failures we actually have not failed but shown others the ways thorugh which they cannot paas and achieve success . It develops a leadership ability .

  12. Susan Groom

    Motivation, Self Disciplined, Passion, Organization, Perserverance, Communicator, Team work/Team Building, Understanding with a Caring Nature, Excellence, First Class Service.

    This what makes an Excellent Leader


    1. Chitra

      My mirror inspires me to be a leader…..whenever i stand infront of it…..
      Secondly my other mirrors , means the things , situations , people around me inspire….

    2. Kirti Kumar Bhanushalu

      Respected Sir,
      Inspiration comes only, to be Simple in your action & natural, not to imitate anybody, but with one Aim & goal in mind & thought, that my actions & decision, inspires people to accept me as natural leader.

  13. Gargi Kapadia

    The Oneness of my team inspires me to be a Leader…If we Win, celebrating the Achievement with my team inspires me to be a leader..If we Loose, taking the responsibility to give my best to the team next time, inspires me to be a leader…the journey of Speaking and Hearing inspires me to be a leader…

  14. Mario Brezzo

    What inspires me to become a leader is taking part in the process of personal development in people. Watch them slowly become better people through example, actions. Words, encouragement and details. Having the skill of being a leader carries great responsibility. I like that responsibility of being a positive influence of people in need of it..especially young people.

  15. BALKUN R

    My dad who was named contracter in city is now working as supervisor in same contract… i dont think their would be anything else that would inspire me beside this.. :(
    Eagerness , will, hope desireness should be their to be a leader….
    Even after losing you can win

  16. AS

    Leadership is built on core fundamentals an individual has already obtained and is living it every day. Motivation, determination and confidence connect leaders of all kinds. Personally, a good will to help people, make a change for the better, reaching perfection and raising successful young leaders by sharing knowledge and experience serves my motivation of being a leader.

  17. Richard Mister

    What inspires me most in having leader qualities? is knowing I have the ability to lead people into a more self deserving and richer rewarding life and to enable me to pass on skills and inspiration I have gathered along the way!

  18. Shaun Baxter

    My parents, young Irish immigrants,who had nothing, but taught me the value of hard work and showed whAt can be achieved.It’s not rocket science

  19. lakhwinder singh grewal

    To be a true and dedicated person both personally and professnaly inspires me to be a leader.


    Well experienced personnel would definitely endorse or acknowledge that self discipline and Team building attitude of a person makes him very much successful in his endeavour.
    No doubt, self motivation apart from motivating others and perserverance are the key factors for achieving the above.

  21. Telmo Frias

    Game development inspires me to be a leader. There is so much to discover about the game… Guardiola gave us many things to improve it and I’m trying to follow his steps.

  22. Blake Berry

    Understanding different peoples strengths and collectively bringing them together to create success inspires me to be a leader. Understanding people have different strengths and weaknesses and seeing how everyone can input into a teams success is what a good leader will do.

  23. sajid

    The actions that you take today in order to reach your goals for a better tomorrow define your future in accordance with God’s will.

  24. terry

    To be inspired by a certain dream to hold on to your held beliefs.
    Not to shirk the everyday tribulations
    wich we get in life.
    To go that final mile when all around is
    urging you to stop.
    To see the light in the darkest night
    and feel the warmth of love.
    For love and compassion is and should be
    the inspiration of every man woman and child.

  25. gayathri

    pep guardiola ”the philosophy that changed the game”… is an example that everyone lead the success with their hardwork

  26. neha

    Every human who is living on any planet of this universe have some aim of living their life same as that my aim of living life is to influence other lives make them so positive make them so powerful by the way of their thinking….. This inspire me to be a leader.

  27. waleed farag

    I am inspired to be a leader to become role model and motivate people around me to bring the best of them

  28. Eric Johnson

    Inspiration to be a leader for me comes from being exposed to the mistakes of my leaders in the past. Seeing the damage that can be done by poor leadership inspires me to be a better leader. Feeling the ill effects and knowing what it is like to be a follower helps me to make efforts to convey an understanding to those I lead…including care and understanding.

  29. david charles imrie

    Ultimately experience in life and being an upstanding individual spurs me on as a leader of all that is good in the human race

  30. Pat hedges

    I feel inspired to be a leader as I want to be a good role model for people with disabilities- I want to inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential.

  31. Eva Dzionek

    The world around us is changing at breathtaking speed. The changes in technology, science, medicine, nature, business and politics to name a few, give shape to the social changes we all experience in ways we communicate, participate, and succeed or fail…Leaders need to rise to those changes, and challenge themselves to help others adopt. Change is what inspires me to meet today head on strong, so I can hope for the better change tomorrow. If you want to become a person you want to truly be, you have to change the person you are.

  32. Natalie McDermott

    I like to lead in the respect that I like to stand up for people or lead people when they’re more shy or need guidance compared to me. I used to be painfully shy and appreciated when someone helped me so now I’m older and a stronger personality I like to pay it forward!

  33. Rishabh Jain

    The ability to cope up with failures, getting up and moving ahead with a fearless attitude towards bringing a change – such phases in my idol’s life is what motivates and inspires me to be a leader.

  34. Rahul Suneja

    Its the people who ispire me to be a leader. Reuniting the efforts of people towards a positive goal is what a leader do.

  35. Bonnie

    Passion, motivational and organizational makes me to do more researches in order to stay on top as this will keep to have broader knowledge and solution to the problems.

  36. Peter Jackson

    The joy of seeing people grow and perform better as they work as part of a team with clear objectives, a plan and a goal supported by the training and coaching they need to acquire and use the required skills.
    This is of course cmoplemented by the clear measurable improvements in results for the individual and the team.

  37. Paulo Almeida

    See people offering the most of themselves and exceeding their own expectations is what inspires me to be a leader.

  38. Jamie Mooney

    Helping and inspiring others to be the best they can be is what inspires me to be leader. As leader its your job to do your best and help others to be the best they can be and to work with the ones you lead to achieve your goal :)

  39. Caroline

    My courage, to get up and keep doing things that have a positive impact on not only my life but the people around me (family; in work; in everyday occurrences); which then will inspire my daughter to do the same – make a difference with her life.

  40. Karen

    What inspires me is setting goals and integrating the body, mind and soul to achieve the goal by staying determined and focusing on the end result!

  41. Rohit Vaish

    I want to change the world into a big joint
    Family. I want social welfare not only mine. I will aspire to inspire till expire.


    See how we can admired.a person first their words, communication, how he was expressing, attitudes, behavior, at least his public life is some what accept able,this is the way I can admire my leader.

  43. Mick

    Be the best you can be. Belief can get you through any problem. Stay positive and concentrate on getting the task done.

    1. shubhangi salve

      Some tym the work which u do for others without without any intention this nature makes others too confident about you n just because of such people’s confidence makes us to be leader n confident

  44. Ravi

    In life we have the opportunity to learn from those we teach..and that is the way it should be like “iron sharpening iron”. We are only successful as those we make successful around us.

    1. Ngqabutho Siziba

      My greatest conviction about leadership is that it is influence above all other things. I am encouraged when I see the transformation in others and even more, a true enlightment and self belief. None can claim to be a complete leader until he / she has helped another to realize and achieve their own dream. What inspires me about leadership is achieving set goals and targets while helping others along to realize their own potential and achieve personal dreams.

    2. Roger

      what inspires me on a very basic level is that I have the power and mana to make a difference in my life or others in everything I do.

    3. Manish Tomar

      Zeal to bring out the change for betterment irrespective of my status (job), motivates me to be a leader.



    5. kajal

      My dream of somehow i should stop my mom from continuing struggling at every step of life…. inspires me to be a leader and encourage to come forward, to fight for her rights … which she deserves…

  45. Rafik Shehata

    I believe if i ask myself what to do to make life better ,easier in every situation. And to know how .This will inspire others in my family,friends,church & community to do the same .
    I will have a positive attitude,self respect & satisfaction.
    Thank you kindly.

  46. Doctor

    Being able to change the past for the better future. Being a leader is not only about leading but it is about inspiring everyone who is being led and everyone who sees the work you do. Guardiola has been a stand alone inspiration to millions of leaders out there. These are the most important facts that inspires me to be a leader.

  47. wirngo valentine tumla

    An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations, doing his/her best to adjust.
    As a leader, one must listen…a lot! You must be willing to work to understand the needs and desires of others. A good leader asks many questions, considers all options, and leads in the right direction. Treating others with respect will ultimately earn respect. Be sure of yourself with humble intentions.

    1. lochan.gupta

      my zeal to change the progressive world around me for the welfare of one and all aspires me to be a leader.


    My children inspire me to be a leader. Being a single-mother I am obliged to lead them every day of their lives. To ensure that they instill in themselves respect for fellow men, determinatio to succeed, to be honest and faithfull in their dealings and to uphold integrity and principles in their daily lives. You need to be passionate about success and determined to succeed. To need to be the ambitious & brave and you need to instill that in children in order for them to succeed in this day & age.

  49. Mounim ELMOUSSAOUI

    A leader is an idividu with a vision, driven a very small ego and very high humilty.
    A personn who does what he cannot teach, and teaches what he cannot do.

  50. christos papadopoulos

    Am not inspired to be a leader.i dont believe we need one.i believe the inspiration of any to be a leader has a result to many becoming sheeps and to want to have a leader.
    In other words being or want a leader is at the end, luck of responsibility of any of us.
    we need knowledge i believe.
    May the dorce be with you

  51. Tshepo

    being a leader grants me the opportunity to ignite the potential that lies in my followers and seeing them become all they where created for inspires me

  52. Bathabile Wendy

    My son inspire to be leader, watching him every day growing up, leading him everyday teaching him the responsibilities of life, like sharing with people who don’t have anything is good for him.

  53. khadim kapadia

    Always looking to to better than the last time. thinking of new ways to improve and having the courage and perseverance to live out one’s ideas/dreams

  54. Cherylann

    The learning curve that those that went threw the fire and survived their stories inspires and bring hope and life lessons.

  55. mbulawa

    To listen to the people that I serve and implement better ways to live better graciously and honesty is key to a better life

  56. Abhijeet

    Be the best you can be. Belief can get you through any problem. Stay positive and concentrate on getting the task done.

  57. Phil Baily

    …what inspires me to be a leader…well, I’m not a born follower…it would unsettle me just following others…like wearing someone’s old socks…

  58. Kometa

    The passion for what I do and the zeal in helping and inspiring others and above all feedback from others have always made me see myself as a veritable and inspiring leader for this generation and even for the one to come. We can only say we are successful if we are interested in helping others acquire news or simply in the growth of others irrespective of the domain.

  59. Kenneth Fitoyi

    Conceptualizing an idea, mobilizing resources to effect that idea and, indeed, watching the idea producing results, is a great inspiration for me.
    However, I am even more inspired when my organisation reaches new heights due to the realisation of my vision. People want to be led, as long as you inspire hope in them. Leadership is about changing peoples’ lives for the better and growing with them in the process.

  60. Lennie

    God has inspired me to work with women to give them hope, a faith in Him and themselves. It is such a gift to see women who have lacked a faith, low self-esteem, have that light of hope for their own lives and those of their families to change their life for the better.

  61. Audri Rffel

    Seeing someone growing and developing new skills inspires me to be a Leader. There is no greater reward than seeing someone being rewarded with knowledge and life long learning.

  62. Tennyson Sekhotho

    Love to inspire, encourage and lead. I do not like spectators but participants and like to be on the spot-light.

  63. Leon van Wyk

    Meeting people who try and have ideas inspires me to use my skills to contribute to success for all through leadership and inspiration.

  64. Sudheendra Mudikeri

    Change is the only constant. If I need to face this constant I need to lead by making myself acceptable to changes around me. The faster I adapt, the more the people follow me. Hence Change inspires me to be a leader all the way.

  65. Seal Abellana

    One cannot be a leader in a sense that only a few can be leaders. This world would not be as it is today without those people who dared to think ahead. Leading is doing something to move. One’s leadership can be positive or negative but that too is subjective. The main point is leadership is moving. Though in all aspect of human life, one had acted as a leader maybe in a situation. Leadership is about inspiration. It’s about moving forward. Forward to me maybe positive effect to one but negative effect on others. The leader must have forethought and most important to be able to convey that thought and influence others to think the same and accept to do the the forethought goal to materialize in a collective manner. A leader must see where others cannot and convey that foresight to others. Being able to know what is going to happen next is crucial and important skill thereby hastening the process from point A to point B. But the most rewarding a leader can get is not the results…but the ability to clone oneself to others to think, desire and do the same. That would be the most potent reward a leader can get. And that’s why it inspires me.

  66. Andy Zhang

    Money? recognition? no, it’s the belief, that I can do things better. It’s the belief that I can make a better myself and help the team to be better, to be better than better.


  67. Saipriya

    A good follower ship imbibes a good leadership. Followers need not be essentially external to us, but an internal instinct that drives what we say to be put to action. “Leading by example” or “Walking the talk” is the most central prerequisite to be a leader.

  68. Linda Gayadeen

    The desire to be a strength for people who need encouragement, and support to make the best of life, to help those who have no support to show them, if I can do it, so can anyone fact! Because I have strength of character and empathy for others.

  69. Puledi Shoba

    I am inspired by my surrounding environment…the people around me and their backgrounds always give me courage to do things right. Knowing how my neighbour became poor or rich is the most inspiring experience for my success as a leader.


    The fact that anyone can be watching and learning from me at any given time at any place, inspires me to be a leader

  71. sachin n

    Good leader should be good listener, if u have this quality, people select or follow u as a leader, so understand others and listen them calmy is basic quality of good leader and i personally follow this which inspire me a lot.

  72. James Conlan

    Leadership is all about creating a family environment where people are inspired as a collective to achieve great success by a father figure in the family unit who has the drive to be all that he can be for the greater good

  73. tony embleton

    The survival instinct that lays within you to not lay down and accept defeat without a fight
    Hold heads high and acheive the unachievable
    Anything is possible
    Tony embleton

  74. roxana

    The occasion to see the hole picture offers the me the posibility to set new rules in order to improve performance which leads to personal motivation and thankfulness.

  75. teresal

    Every morning I wake to a new day, look for the best out of this day, I know I can make a difference in peoples lives, by bringing out the best in everyone in the company I work for or teams that I play with.

  76. zanele dube

    To be a leader inspires me very well,because you make the next generations to learn from you and once someone usk you about your career that means you are doing very well to those whom you are a role model to them.And its important to be a hard worker to your job


    Leadership is a responsibility of hunders and thousands of dreams that a leader carries and he must carry. It is no doubt is a huge responsibility but at the same time is also a huge opportinity to have a outlet for your vision. The vision that works for the betterment of oneself and all, simultanously. Leadership make us to push ourselfs to are limits to acheive the collective goals with collective ideas.

  78. Sylandra Ali

    What inspires me to be a leader is the fact that my team trusts me and know that each of them will grow with me. we are all leaders in our own significant daily duties and therefore being a leader helps me teach others how great they can be if they know themselves and take note of what it takes to be a leader knowing that they have aal the tools inside. They just need to discover what kind of leader they are.


    Leadership is a platform for those who has a “can do” attitude within themselfs and who have the ability wihin to awake and inspire others to work for a collective goal for the betterment of one and all

  80. Anderson

    The fact that it is not the strongest species that survive, nor the intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. A successful leader understands that leadership and learning are indispensable, one can also learn from subordinates.

  81. frank p

    Reaping sucess with a winning team who are willing to work with you , using your philosophy . Knowing you can inspire those around you to make sucess happen with the skills they pocess under your guidance and motivation . Giving it 100% until the final whistle has blown !



  83. Phil

    Inspiration of me being a leader is quite simply passing on my knowledge to the younger generation then watching them flourish in the field that I had coached.

  84. Tsedey

    The ability to influence peoples lives in a positive manner is what motivates me the most to become a leader. By extension having a positive impact on other beings & the environment fuels my passion. I believe in giving my & want to leave the world a better place than I found it for the future generation.

  85. SPW

    To teach others how to behave properly doing always the right thing and never being disrespectful. That is the most important factor to achieve goals and success

  86. Michael

    Inspiring confidence in others while identifying each persons unique abilities and encouraging same is the inspiration for leadership

  87. Romelen

    Accomplishments. Seeing how great things work out and how I am able to help others inspire me to be a leader. When you are a leader, your greatest accomplishment will be how you’ve help your members improve. A great leader is selfless and thinks about his/her members’ welfare.

  88. Adam Fairbrother

    Having the responsibility of being a leader is one that very few people are prepared to take on. It takes a burning desire and a passion to be able to guide people below you, whether that is when you are in training for a football team, or if you are helping a co-worker who is new to their particular job. You have to be open to new ideas and be completely adaptable to various environments. You have to be that one individual that people can come to you and ask you anything without sounding stupid or out of place. The positive attitude that you as a leader can bring can really boost morale and make someones day.

  89. vipul gupta

    my parents who are just like god for me, and also so many things in which i failed learnt me so many things and strengthen me to do something…

  90. Phakamile Nogcantsi

    It is so inspiring how one can learn and grow one’s potential and become a stronger individual. At the same time be a source of confidence and a pillar of strength for those around him.

  91. Anne Tonette Donceras

    Challenges in everday living inspires me to become a great leader. The hope & dream to have a better future for the next generation.

  92. Joanne May Balcon

    People inspire me to a leader whenever they fire criticisms at me. I treat constructive and destructive criticisms similarly. I utilize criticisms as a tool to improve my attitude towards my career and my lifestyle.
    I felt the need to be a leader whenever I am in a situation that requires someone to stand up and lead a group whom you share similar ideals and perceptions.

  93. Steven Fraser

    wow, this is a great question. I’m always trying to develop my leadership skills and am always keen to help player I have the pleasure of working with develop their own leadership skills. But what inspires me to be a leader? I’ve thought about it quite a lot since reading the question, and to be honest I’ve never really analysed this, but here’s what I came up with, I was quite surprised with what I came up with, but at the same time, very proud of myself and the path I have chosen and also grateful of the luck and chance of being surrounded by good leaders also.

    When I was young, I loved playing sports, but in hindsight, I wasn’t that good technically at playing many. I’d have great admiration for those that could affect the game with moments of greatness and I think I subconsciously came to the conclusion that while I could affect the game to an extent as an individual, the great affect I could have on the game was by encouraging, instructing and leading those around me.
    Not so much a vicarious ‘living through’ of those around me, but a sense of achievement if I think I’d had a positive impact on those around me and it had resulted in an improved performance, or even my team-mates playing to the best of their ability.

    As I continued my present day consideration of this question, a film reel of me watching ‘Michael Jordan’s Come Fly With Me’ starts to play in my mind, of my Secondary School P.E. Teacher giving me advice before various sports matches for the school, of older team-mates setting the tone in games physically or mentally, of athletes I’ve had the pleasure of working with choosing to lead by word or just purely by deed, knowing that their team would follow. This got to starting to think that not only did my youth sports career call for me to develop leadership skills to impact a team performance, but also who and the examples I have been surrounded by, and chose to surround myself with, have had a huge impact on my development as a leader.

    I guess what inspired me when I was younger was my competitiveness, I wanted to win, and if that meant by being a good leader – then that’s what it took. But then when I was 18, I heard Reggie Miller, a shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers being interviewed after a loss. I can’t remember what the question was, but I’ll always remember his answer: “… that’s what being a leader is about, taking the blame when you lose and then spreading the praise when you win.” and I guess what inspired me to be a leader changed that day.

    I started to find joy in helping others improve, fulfil their potential and then exceed their expectations – regardless of the final score of a match, or the record at the end of a season, or the trophies in a cabinet. It’s about helping individuals find out what they are capable of, and we are all capable of marvellous things – things that we don’t even know we can do.

    A common phrase, especially in youth sports is ‘Sports is Character Building’, well, I guess I disagree now – Sports is character revealing. And that’s my motivation to lead – not to ‘make a good player’, or to win everything when I am coaching, but to help people see what they didn’t know they were capable of, and then helping them see that these qualities they may not have thought they had in them actually transcend the sports arena and flow over into actual real life, whether that be school, work, relationships with friends and family.

  94. Leslie

    Achievement inspires me to be a leader. Everytime I accomplished something and I’m praised with a job well done I feel proud of my self and the people who acknowledged my success drives me to do better.

  95. Rob

    What inspires me to be a leader is seeing how people changed and become responsible because of your guidance. The thought that you are not only teaching them but also imparting them good values.

  96. Tito L. Brizuela, Jr.

    A vision and mission towards goodness and realisation of dream commonly shared and believed by the people is an inspiration to lead. Others who are not in favour of your goal will eventually be carried away by the strong flow of surge current towards the common goal and this become your challenge and inspiration to encourage these people to realise the shared goal.

  97. Eugene Gray

    Great leadership inspires and gives to fulfilling purposes, having excitement, passion and joy towards
    destiny, we are placed on this planet to share, to use resources, giftings and see others and everyone
    to man and woman kind’s finest honouring destiny.

  98. Monessa Sumalinog

    The opportunity to inspire others and help them realize their full potential are what motivates me to be a leader. Success and self-fulfillment are secondary. The chance to lead a flock towards a common goal while each team members grow individually are just few of the joys I feel being a leader to a certain group or organization.

  99. ASRE A. Y.

    Biography of Muhammad (pbuh) the last prophet of Islam is inspires me to be a leader.Revolution he made in just 23 years of span is really miraculous.

  100. Varun M

    My knowledge,courage,ability to take Right decision at Right time & My Capability to solve problems & overcome the huddle that make to feel that I am achiever which drive into leadership qualities & my qualities to help family, friends, colleagues & my help at their needed time made them to call me leader &they same leader in me as I am driving force with passion, communication skills & my expertise made to see a leader in me & leader in me wakened up.

  101. bhuvi

    I will never give up and I will keep making my team believe. I will not let anyone lose hope and I will always keep the smile on their face. This inspires me to be a leader because that’s what I do.

  102. Mahendra Pal SIngh

    A leader becomes a leader when he/she has voluntary followers.The very fact that I can guide few people(followers),may be right way or wrong way, depending on the leader,inspires me to be a leader.

  103. Soumick Mitra

    The only thing that inspires me is myself. I am the change the world wants to see. Every person in this world is a change unto themselves. If only people could think like, to motivate themselves and lead themselves and others around them, that we wouldn’t have half the problem we do today in this world.

  104. swapnil takalkar

    To have a dream and believe in that dream makes you a leader which makes you a winner to give our 100% in our country’s success to become power, inspires me to become leader …..

  105. Vishal Nagpure

    my positive attitude & vision towards my goal inspires me represent myself for the sake of others, inspite of these my spirit to do team work inspire me to be a leader

  106. LeBronas Sedumedi

    The goals that i want to not only inmy personal life but also helping those who are in need, whenever i come across a debilitating situation in other people lives i feel that i can make a difference by turnung around their situation.Thats what inspires me.

  107. Rohit shirsat

    my attitude to risk all to get all i believe in my thoughts to risk everything that is what i am doing…….

  108. LeBronas Sedumedi

    The goals that i want to achieve not only in my personal life but also helping those who are in need ,whenever i come across a debilitating situation in other people lifes i feel that i can make a difference by turning around their situation.That`s what inspires me to be a leader.

  109. Lavish

    1. Continuous innovation through micro-management
    2. Shows no fear when mixing-up play
    3. opponents guessing
    4. Makes the most out of weaknesses
    5. reshaped the attack to offer three options


    The following inspires me to be a leader :…1. Learning new things always, 2. Developing & empowering my subordinates & colleagues, 3.Facing new challenges & ambitions, determination to take risks, 5.Encouraging & developing team, 6. my reliability, 7.Getting success & learning from failures, 8 my holistic approach, 9. My honesty & integrity, 10. converting my career, ambition into some purpose i.e for the benefits of others……… etc.

  111. manumol

    My confidence and my attitude to influence my team in a positive way thus aligning the team to achieve the goal shall make me a good leader.

  112. Faizel Bohardien

    To set goals and targets for myself (to achieve in life), and people around me gets developed to
    feel happy and proud to what they are diong.

  113. Chandre Carmen Piet

    The Lord God Almighty inspires me to be a leader, and positivity. Social Environment and Hope, Faith.

  114. Veena

    Madiba inspires me to be a leader. Not all people are born leaders, one needs to grow and evolve as a leader. We need to learn from our great leaders and always aspire to be the best at whatever you do. A leader should always strive to be fair and in turn cultivate loyalty in his/her followers.

  115. Yvonne

    I am inspired by those that lead by example (servant leadership). To be a great leader one must learn to be a servant.

  116. Karim Onu

    Leadership is inspirational and is a cognitive desire to affect perceptions toward a better perceived thoughts.I get inspires by change and continuity as variables for human existence.

  117. Harry

    Having an interest in those who follow you by guiding and leading them through their respective involvement in order to achieve the desired objectives. leader and followers make a good team if effective communication is practiced


    The ability to inspire people to reach great heights of performance & success is a skill that i have.Passion,purpose,listening & meaning helps me to be an inspiring leader.The ability to communicate that passion,purpose & meaning to others also helps me to establish the inspirational culture of my organization.I feel passionately about the vision & mission of the organization.

  119. Abhilash T.

    Follow the inequalities in the world, open your mind against that through thoughts & actions.It’s not your success that makes you a leader it should be the success of humanity through you.

  120. Brix

    Making change for those that have not been fortunate. I am inspired to teach and guide those with little or no guidance in life. Giving one hope that they achieve beyond their dreams and the fact that they need to believe in who their and the power they have as a being.

  121. Bobby Jeffrey

    My desire to serve my community inspires me to be a leader, and to strive to better myself day after day. It is a never ending process.

  122. Ravi

    Exploiting the available resources at maximum level, converting the weakness to the opportunity, tuning all of them towards the goal and ignoring all the comments out of the orbit gives sweet satisfaction which boost me to cover more miles.

  123. Madeleen

    People’s appreciation of what you do and to be a role model to the people who look up to you as their manager. Then also to my children to show them through hard work you can achieve many things in life.

  124. Lloyd

    In a world where people run after media and advertisement telling you how to live, where to go, and what to do and how to do it. I would like people to go to basics and work on their Foundations like principals and family, and as a Leader I want to Initiate and promote by ” Leading by Example” to inspire all to go back to the simple things in life that means the most.

  125. Esther Maguigad

    What’s inspire me to be a leader is to see my followers growing and becoming a better leader than me.

  126. Tony

    Self belief and loving what I do will hopefully change peoples opinions and show them things from a different perspective.


    What inspires me is people.I love people and I love to give guidance and have something or people to live for,to dream about or dream with.There is no one who can succed and be a leader wthout people or foe people.So people inspire me

  128. Laura Ryan

    Being in a job, situation, place where you can change lives or inspire others is what inspires me to
    be a leader

  129. John Nelson Antony II

    Society no space for an individual thoughts, what ever good you do you are still unseen until you have the power as a LEADER…….

  130. Edgar

    I inspire to be a Leader is I must be the servant of all not with eye service as menpleasers but in singleness of heart fearing God. =)

  131. Shadab Akhtar


    *turn weakness into strengths
    *help others to take on more responsibilty
    *control things insted of letting them control you

    my inspiration Mahatama Gandhi whose leadership quality brings freedom in our nation :-)

    1. Swathi

      A good leader can lead only when he does his work intensely, and no matter how many times he fails, his grit or determination gets him to bounce back on track. A leader never imposes on others, he inspires others.
      It requires patience and hard work to be in a position to lead; and of course charisma. The one thing that inspires me to be a leader is helping people to do their work without repeating the mistakes I did.

  132. nitin

    The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and the self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

  133. Prasoon Pandey

    Being a Leader inspires me in the following ways :
    A) He can change or do things in a better way that is helpful for a group of people or society.
    B) He can break the jinx with his power of thoughts , action and impact.
    C) He inspires people around him and most importantly loved by everyone around(that gives an amazing feeling).

  134. MB

    If you have a good mental attitude and want to change the way of working and thinking and you see nothing is being changed or no one is making a difference. I think that inspires you to be a leader, the need of wanting to make a change and if you feel that you are that person who can influence people or people listen to you then that encourages you to stand up and be counted for. To actually want to lead a group of people and make a difference

  135. Malusi Mqhoko

    being a leader requires one to understand what being a follower is the best leader are also best followers, when you lead peopele you hav to be able to take ideas from them and treat them as much as you would want them to treat you. What enspires me to be a great leader is looking at the world around me and realizing how lucky i am in 2014 to be alive and happy to be a south african a country filled with so much opportunities looking at leaders like Nelson Mandela our former president and the likes of Dwsmond Tutu makes one want to be a better leader by following in their foot-step and not wanting to disppoint them on what they fought for.

  136. Mark Agyakwa

    Leadership….it’s about inspired others, drawing out potential and expression in other people. It comes down to the simple aspect of influence, I want to help people, by being a leader you set the example so people can realise that they can achieve their goals and dreams. The most important thing is not their realise their own dreams but their realisation that when they pursue their dreams in can further influence other people, it’s a domino effect. First you set the example then it makes other people believe and follow. Real leaders create more leaders. Leadership is a great test of character and I want to grow as a person, being a leader will do that. Inspiring others inspires me, that what I like about leadership, it’s about giving but as a result you progress you own character….Leadership is Character….

  137. partha

    My actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. My dream is to translate vision into reality and I must live my dream



  139. Akhil Varshney

    Social inequality between week and strong section of society inspire me to become leader and my intention is to provide equal opportunity to all for over all development.

  140. muddasir

    ” There are many things that you may be good at and there are many things that i may be good at if we are together we can make things great”. This inspires me to be leader which can help to achieve best results

  141. Kartiki Pandya

    Making my community and the world a better place is what inspires me. As a leader, I have the power and ability to affect my community in positive ways by making influential changes that help everyone in the community. It is my social responsibility and obligation to become a leader and make the world a better place.

  142. Nkele

    To fulfil the hunger of motivating, inspiring and touching people, bring am amazing change to the environment, being able to convince people to do and be the best that they could ever be in other words over their limitations.

  143. Soumani Mukherjee

    The word ‘LEADER’ has a strange or rather a strong ring to it which inspire me to take charge of a situation even if I am afraid of it or take a detour but at the end of the day I will still come across the finish line and complete the path and face the situation.

  144. prabhash kumar jha

    probably you know what you are but you do not know what you may be…so just continue your work full efficiency ..never give up in middle ..because success comes from experience and good experience comes from from bad experiance..failure leads the way to success ..

  145. Meghna Jain

    My inspiration is Mahatama Ghandhi Ji …………because leadership is not just to lead others it means to keep pepole of different thinking and attitude together, aspire them towards a single goal, be empathitic to others and most important put youself as an example for others.

  146. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Mind sicking work ethics and constant evaluation of career goals are the inspirations for me to be a leader

  147. Peter

    To inspire others and see the results that means so much to the people you have helped. No thanks is needed, the glint in their eyes and smile on their faces that they have achieved so much is enough.

  148. erick

    There is a future that we must reach as we live the present. There is a goal that we need to achieve that can mean a fulfillment. There is a vision that tells us there is something more than what we already have. There is truth that we must all find. There is a home that is all awaiting us. To behold this requires a leader. And this inspires me to be one. In one way or another, we are all leaders to one another along the way but each one must find his/her way home on his/her own by the choices that he/she makes and by the commitment he/she is wiling to give of himself/herself to others in the loving act of leading.

  149. Joemeleth Tabotabo

    Everyday struggle of life makes it more than a reason to achieve. selfless love motivates you too move and make it the best of what you can.

  150. Susan Roberts

    There are two types of people in the world, the lead and the leading, neither can be without the other. To recognise that your knowledge and experience is of value to others is to recognise that you too can lead. Thats what makes the world turn

  151. Rajendra Sharma

    What inspires me to be a leader is that leaders inspire other. I want to be a leader so that I can inspire others by my actions…

  152. babjan

    Anybody can be a leader but that doesn’t mean they are good leaders. Leader is one who is both mentally and physically a few steps ahead of others and is in total control. To become a leader you don’t need to be inspired it comes from within you, your bringing up and your way of life and what you believe. You need to be willing to listen to others and if there is a problem you are the first one up to address it. Also self belief and confident is important but not being cocky at the same time. Seeing people suffer and watching them live like animals with no purpose in the world is what inspires me. They need a leader to guide them! But not a leader who will be followed by everyone and then uses everyone as slaves.

  153. kalpana Jain

    For me leadership grows with the need to stand against any evil that prevails in the society. When i saw people doing wrong or being suppressed … i make initiation to stand against it and inspire others to do the same so as to fight against the evil. So for me leadership is to initiate and to make a revolution for a bright tomorrow.

  154. meghna jain

    My inspiration is Mahatama
    Ghandhi Ji …………because
    leadership is not just to lead
    others it means to keep pepole of
    different thinking and attitude
    together, aspire them towards a
    single goal, be empathitic to
    others and most important put
    youself as an example for others

  155. meghna jain

    For me leadership grows with the need to stand against any evil that prevails in the society. When i saw people doing wrong or being suppressed … i make initiation to stand against it and inspire others to do the same so as to fight against the evil. So for me leadership is to initiate and to make a revolution for a bright tomorrow.

  156. Anshula jain

    “According to Drew Dudley,
    leaders inspire through the little
    everyday acts that improve lives.”

    Thus the ine who inspires me to be a leader is Mr. Narendra Damodar Das MODI.

  157. samo-k

    Hoping to inspire others to their fullest potential is what inspires me.
    To see the potential and encourage, nature and push others to go and achieve it

  158. RayJohn Bultron

    Groups of people are composed of individuals differing from one another in character, temperaments, backgrounds, religions and beliefs and in so many other aspects of life. The thing that really inspires me to become a leader (a good leader) is the fact that without someone who is willing to sacrifice to manage a group by studying each one and helping them to become productive in the field where they could do their best, everything would go the wrong way. Good government requires good people; and in order to make good people, good leader must be at the forefront of them all- a leader who is not all-knowing but humble and open-minded; someone who takes everything into consideration and values the opinion of every member.

    Also, the fact that there are so many people out there who, if someone just cares enough to care and to lead, can become very good and useful personages in the community (in big or in little ways) makes me inspired to become a good leader.

    Lastly, our life is but a matter of time. And time passes so quickly. It’s one thing to have led a group to the accomplishment of certain goals but it’s another thing to have led the members of that group to become good leaders who will, one day, if you are no longer able to lead, create another but as productive group in the future.

  159. Ghirlie

    Reality made someone to be a leader. Anyone needs a pusher, and the reality of life makes them to open their eyes, strengthen their faith and believe that if you can then everybody can also be. And that is what makes me a leader.

  160. Bharath.S

    The failures in present organisations in leading a team has made me adament on becoming a leader…… Because we are finding only managers and not a LEADER…….


    Its very interesting to see the book about the change this game of football has brought about. I have always wanted to be a leader who would not just manage CHANGE, but to lead CHANGE. That’s were i believe the true leadership is, when i say lead, to lead as a servant who could make your team to believe in you, there by there could be a total change, in heart, head and hands (action). If i am not mistaken, i would like to quote from the life of Jesus. He (Jesus) lead the change by being what people believed is impossible today !.

  162. lokeswarrao k


  163. Claire

    Either you take charge and lead or you submit your fate to a leader. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you are better, it means other have faith in your skills. I personally like to lead and help other. weather its at work or at home in the kitchen. Leading gives a great sense of achievement and can be very rewarding when given thanks. Our football leaders, Like Pep set these examples for us on the smaller scale.


      The strenght of Pepe, comes from his ability to transalte into football his deepest believes and states of the heart, when we are in peace without ourselves, we can be in peace with orhers and make them give the best of what they have and what they are.
      That’s Pepe magic

  164. Simphiwe Nyandeni

    The satisfaction of knowing that one is making a positive change in ones life is inspiration enough for me. Seeing people my alter their behaviors and deciding to be the best they can be because of my leadership in very inspiring.

  165. Reggie Makadikwa

    I’m actually inspired by the humbleness that dwells within the leader and leadership that resonates very well with the followership by maintaining the cohesion within the team.

  166. Ajay Divekar

    Passion inspires me to be a leader, if you have passion in you, you can be anything..
    Passion, confidence & trust are most important things

  167. M Mittra

    Dear Sir,
    Good afternoon,
    My inspiration is love becuase love is god & god is love.
    I always love everyone then love / god inspired me for take a dission honestly, dedication & discipline with right the first time.
    M Mitra

  168. Ananya Saha

    I constantly strive to influence positive & constructive thinking, actions and fulfilment of goals for overall development – this is what inspires me to be a leader

  169. Archana Vimal

    MAHATAMA GANDHI- If you want change in society, you have to take society along with you. Mass is ignorant about its power. Only an effective leader can utilize their power in an effective way.

  170. Sudip Pandey

    When someone ask me what inspires you to become leader, I would say leadership provides you that skills which help others to grow under your shadow. It is a best means of showing other people proper path. This happens with keeping in mind that your responsibility is not only to do your work but motivate, lead others to do their work.

  171. jainee haria

    What inspires me to be a leader is the sole idea of leadership! I chose to be a leader than a follower! I believe a person can grow only if he makes everyone around him grow! When everyone puts in efforts equally under the guidance of the leader an organisation can prosper! I wish to see myself on the top, I wish to make my parents proud! I’m currently pursuing my C.A. And then I chose to lead! I intend setting up C.A firms across the world thus helping me create employment opportunities and it’l also help in improving lives of the people! When great minds meet, success automatically comes! Its good to be a leader rather than being a boss! A leader inspires people whereas a boss just instructs people! The idea of leadership fascinates me totally

  172. Amit Jindal

    My Idol ‘Ripu Sir’ inspires me to be a leader. He is always active in each and every activities of the college and always used to lead . I am very much inspired by his leadership qualities. I think you can do more being a leader. He used to do almost everything and thats too with perfection. I never had a idol in my life But now i do have. He has inspired me so much and now i am trying to grab opportunities to become a leader. I would like to serve people especially poor and needy being a leader.

    1. vivek singh tomar

      leader always told that you can do any thing …..,and change your life……it’s true ……because sab kuch aasaan he……..(you can do anything becauce you can do any thing….)

  173. Vilas V Kurup

    The ability to inspire people to reach great heights of performance and success is a skill that leaders need. Passion, purpose, listening and meaning help make a leader inspirational. The ability to communicate that passion, purpose and meaning to others helps establish the inspirational culture of the organization.

  174. Tebogo

    I’ve come to realize how important Empathy is. It’s no winder great marketing campaigns like those for Coca Cola are doing so well, they know what their customers want.
    This is also seen at Apple, designing products that have no clutter.
    I think this Empathetic approach is also transferable to the working environment. Leaders need to anticipate the needs, goals and reactions of their employees As a result this will enhance the working environment and employees will feel special and cared about. This is most likely going to lead to better productivity by the employees.

    I feel that I’m very empathetic and will surely make a great leader. Just like Pep, Wenger and many other great football managers.

  175. Ian

    I’d like to think I’m inspired to be a leader by all the bureaucratic jerks I’ve met/seen on tv.- usually politicians – who spend every waking moment proving they’re unfit to lead sheep ! However, I don’t encourage anyone to follow me because I don’t need followers blaming me for their misfortunes. I prefer to give my opinion/ advice and let people choose for themselves.
    I don’t like others choosing how I should live, then hassling me about it, so I try not to be in charge of anything except myself. My life is mine and my choices are mine. As long as I can admit my mistakes that’s good.


      Dear Guardiola,

      I ve been glad to modestly participate to your book commentaries, and my vision of leading a team and my own conception of strategy.
      I thank you again, for giving me the chance to express my opinion, without any obligations and anything else, that why i have a lot of respect of what you have done with the Barça before and now with Bayern, regardless od all thye critics and the opposition from inside and outside the club.

      I wish you the best , an,d more title for this year and the years to come, i a whist the best for my local hometown team( ( MAT) in this year edition of the mundialito.

      With all my respect ,



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