NEVER Say This During a Job Interview

10 expressions and attitudes to avoid during a job interview

what you can't say in a job interviewYou can bring out your dark side with friends and ex-colleagues because they know the real you and they’ve seen you at your best. But first impressions count and during a job interview, they are even decisive. We’ve come up with a list of the 10 worst messages you can give during a job interview!

1- What’s this about? Have you really not had time to research the company you want to be part of, and not to mention, dedicate most of your productive time to? Not knowing if the company sells apples or designs planes is only going to reveal your lack of interest. Yes, yes, that’s called lack of interest.

2- I just want a job. What you’re really saying is: “Hi, I’m desperate to get a job and I don’t care what I have to do. In fact, I haven’t even assessed whether I’m suitable for the role or thought about the responsibilities involved. Just contract me and we’ll figure it out later.” It may be true, but telling the world will not help in making a good impression – because that just makes us seem like jellyfish floating along on the tide.

3- My ex-boss is an idiot. Even if it’s true, complaining about your ex-boss or old job at an interview will only be damaging to you: nobody wants a moaner on their team! You can always imply it, explaining the challenges you were faced with at that time, but concentrate on your achievements (don’t give your ex-boss any more importance than necessary). 

4- I don’t know. Even if they ask you what clouds smell like. You can’t kick the ball with the tips of your toes and expect inertia to score the goal. If you can’t find the inspiration you need for answering the questions from the job interview manual or trick-questions for assessing your creative capacity or capacity for reaction, which are in fashion in selection processes, don’t say that you haven’t got a clue. Think about it like this: if nothing fresh comes to mind, at least say that you don’t have a response and what you are happy with at that moment but that you’ll come up with one. Another option is to think aloud, because if you don’t have a response at hand, at least share your thought process.

5- I was sacked from my last job. Don’t lie – because the recruiter may have already asked for references, but don’t be so frank. “I didn’t fit in well at my last job, but it was useful for making me aware of my skills and interests and refocusing my professional career.” That sounds better, doesn’t it? 

6- I don’t have any questions. Either you’re a real know-it-all or you couldn’t care less. That’s how that response sounds. The job interview is a good opportunity to interview the company and check if it fits in with your life plan. With engaging questions you also demonstrate that you are not a worker who gets comfortable in the micro-habitat of his work-desk but one who is concerned about and interested in the company’s strategic direction. 

7- How many holidays are provided? How much am I going to earn? You haven’t got the job yet and you’re already thinking about taking days off? (I’m answering as a company would, ok? ;) ) It’s normal that you want to know, but asking these questions too fast, especially when the recruiter thinks that there are still lots of other relevant matters to be discussed, might be a bad idea. Not to mention if it’s the only question that has occurred to you.

8- Sorry, I have to take this call. Are you sure? Think twice before checking your mobile phone, because that call – except on very rare occasions – is going to lose you your job.

9- I see myself in your role in 10 years’ time. It is a possible response to the typical question: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?”Although it might be tempting to see the area manager’s expression when you throw out that answer, it is much more recommendable to be seen as an ally and not a threat, so the best thing is… another response.

10- Do I really have to wear that uniform? Are you really going to make things difficult for the company from the moment they meet you? Control your attacks of sincerity and assess the global implications of the vacancy.  You may have been able to wear nicer clothes in another job but perhaps the daily uniform of working conditions and motivation was unbearable. Weigh it up and answer accordingly.

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