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Why You’re Not Getting Hired

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why you're not getting hired

These past few years have marked some of the highest global unemployment rates in history. Many factors and elements have caused the phenomenon, but none of them fall under the lazy human category. Most people are actively seeking employment, some going months, even years without getting a call back or a simple E-mail. It’s not so much the rejection that gets to us, but rather the overall disregard to our interest in the position or the oversight of our CV and cover letter. It makes us feel, well, quite frankly, dejected, unimportant and a whole lot of other things that we’d rather not feel. With machines reviewing our CV’s and recruiters taking no more than 6 seconds to go over our resumes, landing an interview seems almost impossible.

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The Advertising Industry’s Creative Recruitment Campaigns

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Let’s have a look at the sector that knows all about public relations and how to address its target groups in very shrewd and sophisticated ways: the advertising industry.

creative recruiting- jobisjob

In times when companies have to perform a balancing act between communication and HR and the gap between marketing and human resources is – or should be – getting ever smaller in terms of addressing sought-after, skilled workers, advertising agencies are stealing the show with successful recruitment campaigns.

In this article, we present successful advertising industry recruitment campaigns. Of course, we could list recruiting campaigns that have recently appeared, or that have been criticised for a long time, or that were extremely successful and went viral. But we don’t think there’s much point in continuing to criticise campaigns that came over a bit too conventional, or in lavishing more praise on those that got a lot of YouTube hits. Because one thing we will never know is how many extra suitable applicants Company X got in the end. The most important question is this: Did the recruiting campaign actually reach its target group?

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How to Spot False Christmas Job Ads

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false christmas job ads

If you’re planning on looking for Christmas work, you should know that there are people out there with a sour Christmas spirit. They will do business at your cost and try to take advantage of your need to work and your good faith.

Stay alert for the signals. If you feel uneasy about the environment or you’ve got a bad feeling about something, pay attention to it, sometimes intuition really gets it right! From experience, I’m going to list a few signs that should make you take a second glance at that fishy job offer.

The red flags of false ads

list_okThey ask you to pay.
Christmas jobs are seasonal and are usually concentrated around Tourism, Catering, Customer Services and Retail sectors. At this time, there is a proliferation of work abroad or in other regions, where you are asked for an initial investment – usually over the internet or the phone – for training, visa processing or other documents and paperwork, or even for accommodation. Don’t trust jobs where you are asked for money: an employee should be an investment for a company, not its source of income.

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Technology and Jobs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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cloud technology

We all know that technology is a brilliant thing that we use every day, and sometimes, too much. Recently the iPhone 6 was released along with the new Apple Watch, and it’s all the world can talk about. The same happens with Android technology, with new software updates, with Google Glasses, you get the gist. Technology is BIG. It’s everything. Technology has created a vast sphere of new jobs; App Developer, Cloud Technology, SEO Analysts, even my job, Social Media Manager. So thank you, technology.

But like everything, too much of a good thing makes us speculate, makes us a little cautious, and it should. While creating new jobs, technology has also, not so silently, erased many jobs, leaving many unemployed and without the current skills to compete with the younger tech generation.

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The 100+ Hottest Keywords for Your CV

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Resume Writer Donna SveiArticle by Donna Svei who is an Executive Resume Writer and Career Blogger for her site AvidCareerist. Her work has been featured on many sites including Fast Company and Lifehacker.

top keywords to land a job

Do you want to know which keywords you should use on your CV, LinkedIn profile, and job applications so that employers will call you?

In a world where job seekers are screened by computers, your job search materials have to contain the keywords that companies want. If they don’t, you will be passed over for the jobs you want.

JobisJob features over 7.5 million job postings in 23 countries and 21 job categories every day. That’s big data. Because we have the job postings, we know which career keywords are hot right now.

To be sure you get your CV and other docs right, we searched our job postings for the most frequently used words in each job category. From there, we compiled a list of the world’s hottest career keywords for October 2014.

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