The Advertising Industry’s Creative Recruitment Campaigns

Let’s have a look at the sector that knows all about public relations and how to address its target groups in very shrewd and sophisticated ways: the advertising industry.

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In times when companies have to perform a balancing act between communication and HR and the gap between marketing and human resources is – or should be – getting ever smaller in terms of addressing sought-after, skilled workers, advertising agencies are stealing the show with successful recruitment campaigns.

In this article, we present successful advertising industry recruitment campaigns. Of course, we could list recruiting campaigns that have recently appeared, or that have been criticised for a long time, or that were extremely successful and went viral. But we don’t think there’s much point in continuing to criticise campaigns that came over a bit too conventional, or in lavishing more praise on those that got a lot of YouTube hits. Because one thing we will never know is how many extra suitable applicants Company X got in the end. The most important question is this: Did the recruiting campaign actually reach its target group?

What if the recruiting campaign that came under criticism was well-received by its actual target group? What if the viral campaign never actually reached its target group because it never managed to leave the digital atmosphere of its own sector? The results would be dire: a complete waste of time and money. That could still be considered a general branding exercise (an image campaign) but not a recruiting measure targeted at a certain group.

Successful recruitment campaigns

Jung von Matt
, an advertising agency from Germany, knows how to reach its target groups.

What do graphic designers, layouters and product designers do when the design is ready but the text has not yet been written? They work with dummy texts, place-holder texts that do not mean anything, only serving a single purpose and complementing the design. Lore Ipsum is one of the most well-known dummy texts and is one of the most popular websites. For one whole week, the Jung von Matt (JvM) advertising agency hid a job advertisement behind a regular Lore Ipsum text, which was revealed when you pasted the copied text into your design. Incidentally, Jung von Matt calls this ‘Trojan recruiting’. A successful campaign tailored to its target group:

Ogilvy is looking for the best salespeople.

Since the release of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, if not before then, careers in sales have been back in vogue. The US agency Ogilvy & Mather (or Ogilvy for short) released a video a few years ago that presented the business as a hazardous shark pool. With dramatic background music, it is announced that Ogilvy is looking for determined and humorous sales staff. A brilliant and hilarious recruiting video:

TBWA\Young Bloods makes becoming the most hated, the most sought-after.

TBWA is another firm providing brand strategy, advertising, events and brand experience to their clients. Their Young Blood campaign is a unique opportunity wherein global candidates work alongside the creative genius’ of the frim. The ultimate goal? Being the one candidate offered a permanent position on the team. The most skilled candidate will surely become the most hated creative in Vietnam.

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