Technology and Jobs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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We all know that technology is a brilliant thing that we use every day, and sometimes, too much. Recently the iPhone 6 was released along with the new Apple Watch, and it’s all the world can talk about. The same happens with Android technology, with new software updates, with Google Glasses, you get the gist. Technology is BIG. It’s everything. Technology has created a vast sphere of new jobs; App Developer, Cloud Technology, SEO Analysts, even my job, Social Media Manager. So thank you, technology.

But like everything, too much of a good thing makes us speculate, makes us a little cautious, and it should. While creating new jobs, technology has also, not so silently, erased many jobs, leaving many unemployed and without the current skills to compete with the younger tech generation.

Jobs that are vulnerable to extinction are jobs that are unable to adapt and change quickly, jobs that get outrun by fast-paced technology. Technology is a ruthless force, and in a way, it needs to be. Our world is unstable; we’re dealing with a changing climate, disease and war and technology is always there, to the rescue. As our society changes, jobs need to change. Technology is in demand, no matter the social class, culture, or country, everyone wants to be connected.

Jobs we’ll never see again

Within the next few years, certain jobs will go on holiday, like the goldfish I had when I was 6, and never come back. These are the jobs that, if you have now, don’t worry, just prepare yourself for a big change. Take a class, learn about new technologies and pick up skills to be ready when it’s time to look for something new.

Retail Cashier: You’ve probably already seen supermarkets and retail stores install automated check-outs. Over the next few years, this will become more common and human cashiers will be few and far between.

Postal Workers: Say goodbye to handmade cards for grandma because E-cards come with sounds, moving images and funny animations. As a card writing fanatic, this one is hard for me to swallow, but postal worker employees are slowly being laid-off. Though there will always be need for someone to deliver and carry big packages, the postal worker workforce will, and has already drastically decreased.

print publication

Print Publication: How many of you still go out on Saturday mornings to buy the newspaper? How many have read their last novel off an E-book? Print publication is on its way out and since the green movement and internet, there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of online publications.

Social Media Manager: That’s right. The very job that technology created, it will also destroy. My cousin who is 4 has a smartphone. My brother who is 11 has Facebook; he explains tweeting to my mother, hashtags and is always the first to start conversation at the dinner table. He. Knows. Everything. And it’s thanks to social media. Within the next few years, social media will become just another skill that employees will be required to have.

Data Entry: Computers are smart, and they’re a whole lot faster than we are. Most data is now translated, transferred or manipulated automatically thus cutting out the middle man, or woman.

Jobs here for good

We’ve got to accept change as a part of our life. It’s inevitable and we’ve got to adapt, pick up new skills, hobbies, and all it takes to keep up to date and in the know. But there are always those oldies but goodies, the jobs here to stay.

Healthcare: People get sick and people get injured. They want a nice smile, to see and hear clearly. Healthcare is a pretty solid sector: nurses, doctors, dentists, and all careers dealing with health will always be in demand.

Military and Civil Defence: Sadly there will always be conflict in our world and we need protection. Military personnel, police and firemen will always have jobs.

Educators: Teachers are here to stay and their demand is always high. We can’t get far without arithmetic, proper grammar and a whole lot of motivation!

Caregivers: Some families are unable to take care of their elderly (or young) for whatever reason. Loving and caring people are always welcome to this career.

Science and Research: To fight disease, to discover new species and to better prepare for natural disasters, scientists are like the superheroes of our time.

If you’re like me, you’re not the biggest fan of technology, especially when it invites itself to the dinner table, when it makes an appearance at the coffee dates with friends, and when you spot the #selfie in action. But it’s our time and our generation and it’s the driving force behind everything we do, especially our job market. Be aware of the changes and more importantly, be ready to adapt.

Jeannine for JobisJob

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