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The Social Butterflies and the Influencers

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social butterflies and influencers

We’ve been taught that being an indispensable employee means staying on top of our tasks, it means meeting deadlines, being punctual and always doing more than what we’re asked. But what if it didn’t mean all that? What if it came down to something that had no relation to our job?

Baseball, football, coffee and lunch have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? Back in October, NY Mag published an article about these four words, and do you know what they found? These words prevented employees from losing their jobs when layoffs came around. That’s right. Baseball, football, coffee and lunch worked as a shield. Over a two year span, researchers* monitored employee E-mails and found that the use of these four words saved employees from getting laid off. These employees weren’t necessarily the best workers or the most productive, but they were the most social, the most liked.

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A Culture Apart: Spain and Germany

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cultural differences_spain and germanyIf the cultural differences between a Spaniard and a Briton seem outrageous, then for a Spaniard, working with a German is like something from another planet, a parallel universe! If you don’t believe me, read on and you’ll see. Spaniards moving to the UK to find work has drastically increased in recent years, and with diverse cities like London and Manchester, you’re bound to stumble upon a German or Spaniard on the tube or during your workday.

The differences

list_okGermans are punctual. They’re not only punctual – they invented punctuality! Spaniards have got to accept it; punctuality is not their strong point. For a Spaniard, arranging to meet at 11 perhaps means to only leave the house at 11.  Their “I’m almost there” can put an end to patience, and to business!

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Christmas Decorations: Good Ideas and Not so Good Ideas

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This Christmas, let your creative juices flow because here at JobisJob, we’ve found original and creative Christmas decoration ideas for your office!

There are a whole lot of cool office decorations on the web and we’d love to share them with you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, but be careful because some thoughts, we’ve found, can go horribly awry.

Christmas decoration success and a few Christmas blunders 




Christmas lights in a Christmas-tree shape.  An ideal piece of craftwork for decorating office desks discretely. Using Christmas colour paper- red, green or gold, poke a few holes into the paper, fold into a cone shape and place an LED light inside. Beautiful, isn’t it?

paper christmas tree

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Decision-Making: The Story of the Pie Seller

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making decisions

Making decisions never comes easy because every decision we make has consequence. The most tempting thing to do is follow the crowd, but most of the time, following the crowd is the last thing you should do. Take the story of the pie seller who risked his business by following the advice of another.

This man earned a living with his trolley, selling the most delicious pies in the city. He made them with dedication; using the best ingredients he could find and designed poster advertisements that he hung up as he went along. The pie seller did not read the papers or watch television, but he looked after his humble business with love and common sense. As his business began to prosper, he thought about buying more trolleys, much bigger ones, to increase the volume of sale. He was so enthusiastic!

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How to Answer the 6 Most Annoying Interview Questions

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The following job interview questions bug almost every candidate yet recruiters love asking them! Many of these questions are so dull and tedious that candidates avoid them when practicing for their interview. But these are the questions that almost always make an appearance in the actual job interview and most applicants answer them spontaneously and often don’t notice how honest they are in doing so. And this is probably the exact reason why these questions are firm favourites of many HR bosses.

6 Most Annoying Interview Questions

With a lot of job interview questions, it is often not the question that is important but rather the answer and the candidate’s ability to formulate an argument. Anyone who reacts to a boring interview question with visible disinterest will make a poor impression on the selection committee. Rambling on and giving an exaggerated answer to a dull question will appear cocky and inauthentic. If you don’t have a good answer prepared in advance, you might find yourself stuttering or making statements you didn’t want to make. The good thing about boring and annoying interview questions, however, is that if you do give an original and authentic answer, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd.

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