Christmas Decorations: Good Ideas and Not so Good Ideas

This Christmas, let your creative juices flow because here at JobisJob, we’ve found original and creative Christmas decoration ideas for your office!

There are a whole lot of cool office decorations on the web and we’d love to share them with you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, but be careful because some thoughts, we’ve found, can go horribly awry.

Christmas decoration success and a few Christmas blunders 




Christmas lights in a Christmas-tree shape.  An ideal piece of craftwork for decorating office desks discretely. Using Christmas colour paper- red, green or gold, poke a few holes into the paper, fold into a cone shape and place an LED light inside. Beautiful, isn’t it?

paper christmas tree

An artificial but eco-friendly Christmas tree. Small, colourful and very easy to make, it’s Christmas craftwork for beginners! Choose coloured paper and fabric, roll it into very thin tubes and decorate with buttons or any other objects you can think of. Recycling and creative decoration go together really well, don’t they? Discover other original Christmas trees here.

christmas tree buttons


Conceptual Christmas tree. I don’t even have an explanation for this catastrophy. I think I’m getting depressed.

sad christmas tree

Tree…and more tree. These two ornaments are completely lost, buried deep in an avalanche of green. Instead of decorating this tree, I feel like adopting it.

giant christmas tree




Ice lolly angels. Christmas decorations made from leftover ice lolly sticks! Angels, Santa Claus, reindeers, what a great way to recycle!


christmas ice lolly decorations

EnglishResourceForTeachers and Nata Narby

Newspaper and cardboard decorations. Recycle, re-cut, decorate. Craftwork within reach of the smallest members of the household, or the less skilful ones at the office.

newspaper christmas decorations


Intimate Christmas wreath. Have you finished a roll of toilet or tissue paper? Use the cardboard for original Christmas designs like this.

christmas paper wreath


Surprising Santa Claus. Having Santa Claus hanging from the Christmas tree all month in this posture and these conditions should be considered mistreatment.

unsavory father christmas


Apocalyptic Christmas greeting. Happy end of the world? No, thanks. Bring back my adorable Father Christmas! (How can I ask this depressing Santa for gifts?!)

apocalyptic father christmas

And dead birds.  Whose idea was this? Can someone tighten up the strings on these ornaments for the poor little birds to lift their heads?

dead bird ornaments




Decorating computers. An original idea for warming up a call centre, for example.

chimney computer and desk


Christmas in the hospital. This Christmas tree made from latex gloves is a very worthy Christmas decoration, don’t you think?

latex christmas tree


Electrocardiogram. This is not the form I want my Christmas decorations to take. The things that come to mind when looking at this decoration: constant beeping, foul hospital smells, Dr. Grey, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with the most wonderful time of the year.

electrocardiogram decoration


The Last Christmas? Oh no, what happened here. It looks like this was the last trip for the jolly old man. Air travel is just not what it used to be.

airplane christmas decoration


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