Decision-Making: The Story of the Pie Seller

making decisions

Making decisions never comes easy because every decision we make has consequence. The most tempting thing to do is follow the crowd, but most of the time, following the crowd is the last thing you should do. Take the story of the pie seller who risked his business by following the advice of another.

This man earned a living with his trolley, selling the most delicious pies in the city. He made them with dedication; using the best ingredients he could find and designed poster advertisements that he hung up as he went along. The pie seller did not read the papers or watch television, but he looked after his humble business with love and common sense. As his business began to prosper, he thought about buying more trolleys, much bigger ones, to increase the volume of sale. He was so enthusiastic!

It wasn’t long before he shared this idea with his son, a brilliant economist who quickly accused him of being thoughtless: “Father, don’t you know we’re heading into an economic recession? You should be more cautious and start saving silver because difficult times lie ahead.” And the seller thought that his son, a well-informed expert in numbers and figures, would be right. The pie seller began reducing costs: he stopped advertising, he bought lower quality ingredients, and now his pies were no longer the best in the city. His sales began to drop. Why did nobody want his pies anymore? The pie seller thought to himself, “My son was right. We really are experiencing a tremendous recession.”

We can take several conclusions from this story (and one of them is NOT that we should ignore our children’s advice). We frequently come up against external factors that fill us with fear and block our capacity to make decisions. As humans we have great ability, both personal and professional, for creating our own crises, as if we didn’t have enough already!

Sometimes we are not aware that each step we take, tiny as it may be, has an important impact on the next. Our decisions are powerful and they come with a range emotion: upon making the right decisions, we experience happiness and success. The mistakes we make bring us humility and strength to recognise and rectify our errors. Both good and bad, all these emotions are essential for our growth.

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