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Merry Christmas from JobisJob

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Merry Christmas from JobisJob

Christmas is upon us and New Years is around the corner.  Each year seems like it passes by a little faster than the last, and we’d like to slow down a moment and share with you our year in review.

2014 was a grand year for JobisJob: we launched our mobile app for IOS, and soon we’ll have it ready for Android. We launched the Job Trends page; a unique place for our users to analyse the hiring market, trending companies, job titles and salary range. We’ve also created a Q&A section, where our readers can ask us anything about the employment market, workplace or job search, knowing they’ll always get a response back. Thank you for filling out our survey and we’re very happy that you’re happy with our services. If you feel like you need to tell the world how awesome we are, do it here, and if you feel like there are things for us to work on, don’t hesitate to tell us!

Readers, thank you for your wonderful, heart-warming and thoughtful comments during our raffles. Some made us laugh, some made us teary-eyed but all of them brought a smile to our faces. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us. 

This year we collaborated with so many, among them, a young entrepreneur, a writer and a famous model, all of whom gave as a unique insight on their experience, both in the workplace and out.

Here’s to a 2015 filled with joy, dreams coming true and a whole lot of laughter. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

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What You Should Know about Coffee

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The benefits and disadvantages of long-term consumption of coffee will surprise you.

effects of coffeeMonday. Early start. Meeting first thing. An exhausting work day lies ahead. Tomorrow too. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after that. Faced with this panorama, either you get a phone-call to tell you that you’ve inherited a huge fortune or, when the alarm-clock goes off, you need an extra shot of espresso to help you stay human. What flavour and what an aroma! And as if we only needed one little cup a day. Coffee has become our main fuel for performance and concentration at work.

If you’re addicted to coffee, don’t feel guilty! The world is too; around 2000 million cups of coffee are consumed every day. (I’m sure you’re not that bad.)

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Are Tattoos and Piercings Still a No-Go for the Workplace?

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tatoos and piercings in the workplaceThere’s a movement going on out there and you’ve probably seen it or become part of it. In recent years tattoos, piercings and other “frowned upon” lifestyle choices have become mainstream. The amount of friends you have with tattoos probably outnumber the friends without tattoos. Living in Barcelona I see it every day. In my neighbourhood, tattoo parlours are almost as frequent as bakeries and every one of my friends has at least one tattoo or body piercing. I see both men and women daily with colourful tattoo sleeves, with ear gauges and nose rings. It’s freedom of expression, it’s exhibiting our personalities for the world to see, but it gets me wondering, what does the workplace think of all this?

Barcelona is a place where creative minds from all over the world come together. I’ve met graphic designers, jewellery makers, photographers, fabric designers, illustrators and artists. Though body art and piercings are generally accepted in creative fields, what about those working in medicine, in finance or customer service? Do the rules change based on the sector? Should we still let our appearance matter more than our skill?

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Influencers, Who They Are and How to Be One

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When talking about influential people we can all agree on one common characteristic: they are or were different; their thoughts and actions are and were unlike those of their peers, unlike those of the rest of the world. They are the individuals that every company or brand needs to succeed because they are the ones that people listen to, the ones that people follow and mimic. Think about Steve Jobs, about Beyoncé, Andy Warhol and Nelson Mandela, we don’t follow them because of what they have or what they had, but because of what they represent. We are surrounded by these individuals, both influencers famous and not, and they are significant people in our lives. Without us realising it, they are the ones that help us connect, they are where we get our information, and they are the ones that persuade us to do the things we do.

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10 Tips to Be Awesome on Your First Day of Work

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There’s something magical about the first day of a new job. The bright new rooms, names and faces, and all the exciting information to take in. Like Harry Potter, you feel honoured to have been the chosen one and you’re looking forward to becoming part of this new, magical world. No matter how experienced or confident you are, everyone has to battle some nervousness on the first day, and of course, battle the urge to jump in the air with joy.

Top tips for your first day of workThe first day at the new job is usually less about doing job-specific tasks and more about dealing with organisational issues. In an ideal scenario you’ll be introduced to someone who can help you along the way; who’ll give you all the necessary information and documents. It’s also comforting when a lot of nice people come to you offering bits of advice.

Everyone wants to make a good impression on their first day, and with the following tips we hope you’ll be a little less nervous and a lot more confident. Because let’s be real, it’s kind of impossible to be completely calm when you walk through that door.

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