5 Tools for Organising Successful Meetings

At one time or another, we’ve all had to prepare for or organise a work meeting. We know that the task isn’t an easy one and it’s sure to leave us with a few grey hairs. Don’t even get me started on how long they can last, kind of like the Energizer Bunny; they can go on and on and on and on.

Thankfully, there are apps to help us out. Here are 5 of our favourites (the first 4 are free!) that will improve your productivity and will help you organise your meetings more efficiently. I’ll save the most interesting, a paid application, for last.

Top 5 apps for organising meetings

1. Invitation. If the meeting has more guests than your last New Year’s Eve party, you’re probably sweating bullets thinking about sending out E-mails to coordinate a time and day.

Wipe away that sweat and download Vyte.in. All you’ve got to do is create an event and add your guests. You can suggest various dates and meeting locations for guests to choose from. There’s also an option for guests to suggest a new date or location.

facilitate meetings

The applications best feature is that it links to Google Calendar. For those of us who use Gmail regularly, this is an advantage, because:

  • It helps avoid double booking.
  • You’ll be able to see all pending meetings, thus verifying availability.
  • Once a meeting option is declined and a new one is proposed, you’ll be able to see the availability of the other invited guests.

Go to vyte.in

2. The global office. Multiculturism is wonderful even though it means more work for us. If you have to write emails or documents in different languages but your keyboard isn’t configured for it, don’t worry, type it is here. Choose the language you want to write in and a keyboard will appear with all the characters you need to write that E-mail.

typing for meetings

Go to type.it

3. Videoconferencing. Remote meetings are becoming more and more common and if you and your colleagues work from different parts of other world, you’re going to love appear.in. This application creates a virtual meeting room. Some real sci-fi stuff! Other pros:

  • You don’t need to register for it. Just create a group and share the link with the guests.
  •  All guests may take part using their respective computers.
  • Not only will they be able to see your face, but they’ll also be able to see the documents stored on your computer, which is ideal if you’re presenting a project or detailed information.

videoconference meetings

Go to Appear.in

4. Meeting minutes. If it’s your turn to write up the meeting minutes, this app will make sure you don’t miss a beat! Minutes.io allows you to:

  • Show the author of each idea or action.
  • Change the status of a completed or pending task as well as add new ideas, decisions or other points of interest.
  • Save the document and send it to all guests.

meeting minutes

Go to Minutes.io

5. Game over. The word “meeting” should not be synonymous with the word “everlasting”. So, if you’ve already tried everything else in order to facilitate group meetings and you’re looking for something more intense, keep reading!

pavlok bracelet

Pavlok.com has just launched an innocuous-looking bracelet (technically wearable) with very bizarre functions: It’s got GPS and Bluetooth, so you’ll be able to pinpoint the location of whoever’s wearing it and how long they’ve had it on their arm. The cool thing? You configure the bracelet to let loose a discharge of 340 volts once the time allotted for the meeting ends. What an incentive to stay on task!

Go to Pavlok.com

Interested in more awesome apps? Click here.

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