Cuddling, Food Styling and Other Bizarre Jobs

Right now, like many others I am at my desk, sitting in a typical office somewhere along the Mediterranean. I am surrounded by the sound of little fingers running across keyboards and occasionally, the hum of the coffee machine doing its magic. It’s a cold winter day and outside the sky is dark, rain falls and I hopelessly stare out of the window, imagining a cup of hot chocolate and curling up in my favourite plush chair that overlooks my quiet street. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if snuggling and cuddling was my job.

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As a matter of fact, my daydream is someone’s beautiful reality. No, you don’t need to rub your eyes and read that again. Samantha Hess, an American entrepreneur from Oregon does exactly what I dream about, she is a professional Cuddler! Imagine putting that on your next business card! Owner of Cuddle Up to Me, she offers per professional cuddling services to clients for $1 a minute. Think it’s a bit peculiar? I do too, but during her first week of service, Samantha received over 10,000 E-mails from keen cuddlers in hopes to make an appointment with the cuddle queen! Would you do it? Would you pay 63 pence a minute to cuddle with a stranger?

The most bizarre

This story got me wondering about other unusual jobs out there. Here’s what I found.

professional mournersProfessional Mourner:  What?! This can’t be true, you may be thinking. But this profession has been around for thousands of years, originating and most commonly practiced in China, along the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. Mourners are paid to attend funerals and grieve among the beloved of the deceased. This historical trade has made its way into the 21st century Western world. Today in Essex, you too can rent your mourners. For a fee of £45, Rent a Mourner will send professional mourners to share your tears. Not just anyone is suited for this profession, required skills include confidence, ability to socialise and make conversation, as well as a good memory and a relaxed personality.

car plate blockers iranCar Plate Blocker: If you live of have ever been to Tehran, Iran, you’re aware of car restrictions. Recently, the government has limited the amount of cars on the road due to pollution and traffic congestion. This means one day license plates ending in an odd number can be out while it is illegal for license plates ending in even numbers to be on the road. Cameras have been installed above heavily populated streets thus making it very difficult for one to break the law. That is, if your license plate can be seen! Tehran’s drivers have invented a very curious job, Car Plate Blockers. These men are hired to sit on top of or walk behind cars covering the license plates! Though it may be one of the easiest jobs in the world, it’s also very illegal.

ostrich babysitterOstrich Babysitter: Soak up the sun sitting in a field and watching cute baby ostrich’s play all day? Sign me up! These elite South African babysitters are paid to make sure the aggressive baby ostriches don’t fight, hurt or kill each other. Ok, so maybe a little more difficult than it sounds, but still, they’re so cute!


food stylistFood Stylist: Let’s be real, the Big Mac in your hands right now absolutely does not look like it did on the advert. It’s a little grey and the bread is flat and where is all that juicy tomato and bacon? You can thank a Food Stylist for that. Their job is to photograph food, no matter how bland or extravagant, in a way that it appears elegant and appetising for use in magazines, television adverts, cookbooks and branding purposes. A Food Stylist’s goal is to elevate the senses through their photographs; taste and smell being the focus.

Cat Behaviour Consultant: Don’t understand your cat? Well, who does? If you’re curious about the inner workings of your cats mind; why he knocks off glasses from the kitchen table, why he scratches you while you’re rubbing behind his ears, why he eats the leaves from your plants, call a Cat Behaviour Consultant. If you’re thinking about adding a new member to the family, a new pet or even moving homes, better call in a professional. These consultants are trained to study your feline and their behavioural tendencies so you and your cat can live a more harmonic life.

This goes to show us that no skill is irrelevant and it takes all kinds of people and all types of jobs to make the world go round. What do you think of these bizarre jobs? Could you see yourself as a Professional Cuddler? An Ostrich Babysitter?

Image sources: Cuddle Up To Me, Sweet Swine Scoop,,, Mooks Photography

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    i am single mum i am struggling to find anyjob i am on no benefit lost house loge somewhere temperarily all donot reply if i pass assesment on line only some bother to tell sorry we have better candidate i am not on my own kids in college still dependent on me how iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilong i can carry on

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