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Jobs for People Who Loved Science Class

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This post is for the students whose eyes lit up when they understood why Newton’s cradle went on and on forever. For the ones who loved the smell of formaldehyde because it meant dissection day and for the ones who didn’t shriek when a pop Chemistry quiz was handed to them on the fly. For all you science class lovers out there, we’ve got the perfect jobs for you.

jobs for science lovers

The field of Science and Research is a vast one; with jobs ranging from nurses and doctors to lab technicians and research assistants. Most jobs require at least a university degree as hiring chances increase with a postgraduate degree and a PhD. Within all job fields, those working in the Science and Research industry need to bear an extensive skillset.

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Self-control Eats Talent and Intelligence for Breakfast

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The OED defines ‘career’ as an ‘occupation undertaken for a significant period of time, usually with opportunities for progress’. Common synonyms include the career ladder and progress in a more general sense. So when we talk about careers, we are talking about continuous progress and increasing levels of success. According to a US study, known as the Marshmallow Experiment, the one factor that determines success more than any other is self-control.

The Marshmallow Test

The Marshmallow Test
The Marshmallow Test was carried out at Stanford University in the 1970s under the leadership of Professor Walter Mischel. Children between the ages of four and six were placed in an undisturbed and safe environment and were asked to make a choice: either have one marshmallow now or have two later. If they wanted two marshmallows they’d have to wait. Not an easy task for children.

When those same participants reached a certain age they were asked to return for further tests. Walter Mischel has now published a book outlining the results of the Stanford experiment (see below).

The experiment measured success in adulthood based on the following criteria: the participants’ SAT results (a standardised test used in America to measure people’s abilities and skills), their school-leaving qualifications, body mass index, and other criteria such as whether they were in a stable relationship. The children who were able to wait for two marshmallows in the study later achieved better results in the success categories as adults. Walter Mischel is convinced that self-control is one of the crucial skills that help people succeed.

The Marshmallow Experiment has since been repeated a number of times at various institutions.

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Countries That Can Teaching Us Something about the Lunch Break

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If you’re in the UK, especially London, or the USA, you’ve got a bad reputation with Lunch. That’s right, taking lunches at your desk or in under 15 minutes in the cafeteria or office kitchen is not how lunch wants to be eaten. Numerous studies have explored the importance of small breaks throughout the day and a lunch that diverts attention from the stress of the day to well, enjoying your lunch. We know that breaks increase productivity and generally make us happier, saner people. On the contrary, not taking breaks increases our stress levels, increases our chance to develop depression and one last side effect, it could increase our mortality rate.

taking your lunch seriously

What’s surprising is that the majority of countries working longer hours take fewer breaks and are less productive. If having shorter work days and taking more breaks means getting more done, why aren’t more countries latching onto the idea?

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The World’s Coolest Recruiting Campaigns

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Businesses are always on the look-out for talent because they know that dedicated employees are the key to success. They also know that unhappy employees, who might leave after a year, cost companies a lot of money.

These six companies went beyond the routine recruitment methods. Not only did they devise creative job adverts, they conceived whole recruiting campaigns to reach and impress suitable potential employees. What is not well known is that each of these companies sought professional assistance and worked with famous advertising agencies. So don’t be too hard on yourself, this kind of viral recruiting campaign almost always requires the help of experts and a corresponding budget. But agencies keep the best ideas for themselves, for their own recruiting campaigns to attract talent in the advertising world, and to get them to apply.

Successful creative recruiting campaigns

  • NETEYE for Robert Bosch in Turkey and world wide

‘The 5 Minute Internship’ recruiting campaign was organised in Turkey in 2014 and it, too, is completely unique. Young talent were offered the chance to apply for a mini-internship via Facebook and to have a short talk with Robert Bosch employees at their offices to get to know the company. 2014 was the year of international employer branding campaigns and not unlike the Swiss Explorer campaign by Swiss Air, Robert Bosch organised an international campaign under the title “Bosch World Experience 2014”.

The mini-internship at Robert Bosch was hosted in Turkey:


  • Little Sister Films from New Zealand for Deloitte

This is an exceptional campaign! It’s a surprising, interactive campaign that offers an authentic insight into everyday life at the Deloitte offices. It presents the consultancy firm’s most important corporate values in a very likeable, approachable way. You’ll find it here.

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WIN a £100 Amazon Gift Voucher

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It’s been more than a month since we rung in the New Year. If you were in Spain you ate 1 grape at every ring of the clock, if you were in South America, you may have received a new pair of lucky undies and if you were in the UK, 2015 welcomed you with a handsome man carrying bread, whiskey, coal and salt.

New-Skill-win gift voucher

The festivities are over and it’s time to dig into our New Year’s Resolutions. Here at JobisJob, we want to know what new skill you’d like to learn this year; whether it is getting ahead in your career or making yourself stand out from the competition during the job search.

Amazon gift voucher

How to win!

We’re so excited to see you succeed that we’re giving away an Amazon gift voucher for £100 to one lucky winner. All you’ve got to do is answer this question:

What new skill would you like to learn this year?

Leave your answer in the blog comment box below. Don’t forget to enter your name and E-mail address, if you don’t, we won’t be able to contact you if you win! (Don’t worry, all personal information remains private).

We’ll pick the winner within a maximum of ten (10) days after the raffle ends. The winner will be contacted via the E-mail address they provided when entering the comment.

The raffle begins February 16th and ends on March 2nd. Click here to check out the raffle Terms & Conditions.