Jobs for People Who Loved Science Class

This post is for the students whose eyes lit up when they understood why Newton’s cradle went on and on forever. For the ones who loved the smell of formaldehyde because it meant dissection day and for the ones who didn’t shriek when a pop Chemistry quiz was handed to them on the fly. For all you science class lovers out there, we’ve got the perfect jobs for you.

jobs for science lovers

The field of Science and Research is a vast one; with jobs ranging from nurses and doctors to lab technicians and research assistants. Most jobs require at least a university degree as hiring chances increase with a postgraduate degree and a PhD. Within all job fields, those working in the Science and Research industry need to bear an extensive skillset.

Desired skills

  • Logical and analytical thinking
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Being able to work in a team and communicate complex concepts clearly to others
  • Patience
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Willing to be in the know about the latest research findings
  • Organised

Sound like you?

Here are 5 job titles within the Science and Research sector that are serious about hiring awesome candidates in 2015!

science class loveScience teacher: Your students will never dread coming to your class. You’ll plan cool experiments, like what happens when you mix Mentos and Coca-Cola and keep them up to date on everything from planet discoveries to specie extinction. As a Science Teacher, you’ll be in the know on all new research and development in the field and facilitate the learning of these subjects and topics to your students. You’ll track their progress and do what you can do make sure they reach their academic goals. Under your guidance, your students will leave your classroom as young Einstein’s and Goodall’s.

Chemist: Put on your goggles and white coat because you’ll be in the lab most days, researching and developing new drugs to improve our daily lives. Kind of sounds like a superhero! You’ll also perform chemical analyses and experiment with new findings, materials, products and processes.  A Chemist must be well versed in Chemistry and most jobs require a post graduate degree or PhD.

Laboratory Technician: Don’t hang up that lab coat quite yet. Laboratory Technicians work closely with their team, which may include chemists, dentists or physicians, spending hours in the lab, testing, measuring, recording and analysing results. Lab Techs make sure everything in the lab functions correctly and that all procedures and safety guidelines are strictly followed.

research assistant

Research Assistant: They are their supervisor’s right hand man or woman! Research assistants conduct experiments, usually in social sciences or laboratories, analyse their findings and sometimes develop and write articles with their results. They need to be very organised and motivated, as much of their time is spent working independently. If working in a university, Research Assistants will be responsible for supervising undergraduate student work and sometimes act as a middleman between the student and faculty researcher.

Nurse: They are the smiling faces patients see before the doctor visit, during the procedure, and after the procedure. Nurses care for all patients suffering from short term to long term illnesses and diseases. From care plans to performing patient exams and drawing blood, nurses do it all and everything in between. A nurse’s office is never permanent; they can work in busy hospitals, private practices, and elderly residences and even perform in-home care.

These are just a few of the amazing opportunities out there for you science fanatics. Keep exploring our site for new adventures every day.

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