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10 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office

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Who says you can’t have fun in the office? These 10 April Fool’s Day pranks will leave you laughing all day!

10 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks for the Office

Be a kid again! Take all the writing utensils in the office and replace them with crayons.

Ugh, auto-correct. Grab your colleagues iPhone when they’re not looking. Find the Keyboard tab in the General Settings and add a new Shortcut. Just like this:

april fools day prank

Gotta catch ‘em all. Rename all the files on a colleague’s desktop after Pokémon characters.

Extra Extra! Cover your colleague’s desk, laptop, phone, desktop, everything…in newspaper.

newsaper desk

For 50 pence. Replace the food in the vending machine with items from your colleagues’ desks.

Happy Birthday. Fill a cubicle entirely with blown up balloons.


Mavis Beacon. Switch around all the keys on your desk mate’s keyboard.

Mouse trap. Cover the mouse sensor with tape or a Post-it.

mouse trap april fools

Go bananas. If the phones in your office are wireless, replace them with bananas.

And finally, because everyone’s got a…

Sweet tooth. Send an office wide E-mail saying you brought brownies. They’ll find this in the kitchen.


3 Free Apps for Creating a CV in 5 Minutes

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For the traditional curriculum format. If you don’t want to complicate things with a creative CV, and you just want a simple, professional curriculum vitae in a few minutes, these 3 apps are for you.

These 3 free apps will surprise you because:

  • They’re simple tools. You don’t have to be a computer expert. Even a granny could use them!
  • You’ll have your curriculum ready to send in 5 minutes! 
  • The sample CV’s give you great ideas to develop your own CV.
  • They allow you to create a professional CV.
  • You will have access to elegant and classic curriculum formats that are compatible with any computer.

1. OnlineCV. It is the simplest tool of all–perfect if you don’t want any complications during the process.

online CV congratulations!

Advantages of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • You don’t need to register for it.onlineCV skills
  • The proposed curriculum format contains the essential sections that recruiters look for during the selection process: basic details, education, work and skills.
  • You can save your CV in a PDF format.
  • There is an assistant to guide you through all the steps for creating your curriculum vitae. It’s impossible to get lost along the way!

Limitations of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • It is at beta phase–with everything that involves. The positive side is that it still has a lot to offer.
  • You cannot save your curriculum for future modifications.
  • There is no option for choosing templates for creating your CV: it is a curriculum in Word in the simplest format imaginable.
  • You cannot import content from LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.

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All You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies

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Remember in primary school when you had a crush? You wouldn’t tell the boy you liked him, instead you’d ask your friend to ask him if he was interested. She’d maybe slip your name into conversation or you would have her pass him a note decorated with purple hearts. Well, recruitment agencies kind of work in the same way. They are an intermediary between a company looking to fill an empty position and a job seeker looking to find the perfect fit.

How do recruitment agencies work?

For any company, the hiring process is a long and tiresome one, often costing the employer a great deal of time and money. In most cases, companies use an external recruiter, a recruitment agency.

using a recruitment agency

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Recruitment agencies work with a vast number of employers within all fields and job types. When a position in an organisation opens up, the position details and descriptions are sent to the recruitment agency. The recruitment agency looks through its database of job seekers and selects the candidates that best fit the job title. Agencies that have close relationships with organisations are also able to identify candidates that fit the company environment. Once the selection process has been completed, the agency notifies candidates to set up an interview with the hiring company.

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Full-time vs. Part-time, What’s the Big Difference (and What’s the Best for Me?)

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Before beginning the job search, you’ve got to define your lifestyle. Your lifestyle will help determine the type of job that will suit you best. There are two major job types: part-time work and full-time work, and we want to help you find out which is best for you.

Working full-time

In the UK there is no explicit full-time working hour; it is defined as an employee who works more than 35 hours per week from Monday through Friday. On a global scale, a full-time work week ranges from 35 hours a week (in France) to 47 hours a week (in Turkey). According to The Guardian, the average full-time worker in the UK spends 40.8 hours working weekly, but some studies have shown that this number is rising and employees in selected sectors are working up to 48 hours per week.

full-time jobs

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What are the advantages of a full-time position? Full-time positions are career based, focusing on regularly acquiring new skill, with a strong emphasis on “moving up the ladder”, meaning gaining promotions, stature in the company or organisation, and increasing salary. A full-time employee will also always acquire benefits that a part-time employee may not receive, including health benefits, paid sick leave, paternity and maternity leave as well as retirement plans.

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Do These 10 Dream Jobs Surprise You?

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When asked their dream job, our users answered with these surprising professions.

What’s your ideal job? We ask users this question when they visit JobisJob during their employment search. The ideal job for most users involves gaining professional satisfaction from performing enriching tasks or because of an exciting challenge.

But, amongst the 3,000 opinions from Latin American JobisJob users, we were able to detect more trends, some of which were very surprising.

Strange jobs. Strange jobs are well paid or appealing. Or both. Sometimes, their peculiarity is just a matter of detail: a funeral planner is still just an event organiser operating in environments that are considered taboo or are not very gratifying. There are strange jobs that are well paid due to a considerable dose of repugnance, such as in the case of the dog-food taster or the professional smeller, which don’t require much effort, but do require a strong stomach.

In the end, the market is whimsical and original jobs are sometimes required to cover its needs, and perhaps some get the chance to do what they like most. These are of the ideal job choices shared by our users.

Gigolo  Adventurer

Marijuana  Balance

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