3 Free Apps for Creating a CV in 5 Minutes

For the traditional curriculum format. If you don’t want to complicate things with a creative CV, and you just want a simple, professional curriculum vitae in a few minutes, these 3 apps are for you.

These 3 free apps will surprise you because:

  • They’re simple tools. You don’t have to be a computer expert. Even a granny could use them!
  • You’ll have your curriculum ready to send in 5 minutes! 
  • The sample CV’s give you great ideas to develop your own CV.
  • They allow you to create a professional CV.
  • You will have access to elegant and classic curriculum formats that are compatible with any computer.

1. OnlineCV. It is the simplest tool of all–perfect if you don’t want any complications during the process.

online CV congratulations!

Advantages of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • You don’t need to register for it.onlineCV skills
  • The proposed curriculum format contains the essential sections that recruiters look for during the selection process: basic details, education, work and skills.
  • You can save your CV in a PDF format.
  • There is an assistant to guide you through all the steps for creating your curriculum vitae. It’s impossible to get lost along the way!

Limitations of creating your CV with OnlineCV

  • It is at beta phase–with everything that involves. The positive side is that it still has a lot to offer.
  • You cannot save your curriculum for future modifications.
  • There is no option for choosing templates for creating your CV: it is a curriculum in Word in the simplest format imaginable.
  • You cannot import content from LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.

2. CVmaker. You will have a modern CV that can be personalised, is quick to configure and can also be exported in different formats.

CV maker

Advantages of creating your CV with CVmaker

  • You don’t need to register to create your CV or download it, but you do to save it and modify it. 
  • You have the possibility of choosing between different styles, all of which are very simple but smart.
  • You can export your curriculum in PDF, HTML and TXT.
  • You can share your curriculum online via a link.
  • You can personalise your CV, adding the sections you consider appropriate.
  • You have access to a preview of the final result at all times.


Limitations of creating your CV with CVmaker

  • There are only 6 styles of curriculum.
  • It is still at beta phase and although it provides different styles, there is no variety of templates for creating CVs.

3. doyoubuzz. It is the most complete tool and the one that offers the most templates for creating your CV, although not all the options are free.

Don draper cv

Advantages of creating your CV with doyoubuzz

  • doyoubuzz-making a CVIt has a very intuitive menu for configuring your CV that allows for a high degree of  personalisation.
  • You can import information from Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • You can have your CV in Word and in PDF format.
  • There are several templates for creating very modern and colourful CVs.
  • There are different models of CVs, depending on whether you want to submit it online, in hard copy or adapt it for a mobile phone.
  • With the free version, you can create one single CV. You will have 5 templates to choose from, and you can analyse visits to your CV for 10 days after your curriculum has been made.

The only limitation with this tool is that most of its functionalities must be paid for.

See? You don’t have to search endlessly for CV samples or be an expert designer or a creative person to develop an outstanding CV!

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