Do These 10 Dream Jobs Surprise You?

When asked their dream job, our users answered with these surprising professions.

What’s your ideal job? We ask users this question when they visit JobisJob during their employment search. The ideal job for most users involves gaining professional satisfaction from performing enriching tasks or because of an exciting challenge.

But, amongst the 3,000 opinions from Latin American JobisJob users, we were able to detect more trends, some of which were very surprising.

Strange jobs. Strange jobs are well paid or appealing. Or both. Sometimes, their peculiarity is just a matter of detail: a funeral planner is still just an event organiser operating in environments that are considered taboo or are not very gratifying. There are strange jobs that are well paid due to a considerable dose of repugnance, such as in the case of the dog-food taster or the professional smeller, which don’t require much effort, but do require a strong stomach.

In the end, the market is whimsical and original jobs are sometimes required to cover its needs, and perhaps some get the chance to do what they like most. These are of the ideal job choices shared by our users.

Gigolo  Adventurer

Marijuana  Balance

Life is a question of priorities. Work is too. A reasonable salary and working hours and an ideal working environment may be the key ingredients to make any job a dream job. Or that’s what our users think:

Dreadlocks  Hearts

Working hours  Money

Work? Ideal? There are some who think that uniting these two words is like going to a ball in pyjamas: an impossible equation.

No work  ZZZ copy

As the great Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. And, at JobisJob, we have millions of them! Have you checked if one of those offers has your name on it?

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