Creative Applications: Our Favourites from 2014

In 2014, a number of creative applications were picked up by various media due to their originality. Starting a personal, online branding campaign and directly or publicly addressing a company are two methods particularly in vogue at the moment. Below are last year’s most original and popular creative CV and application ideas.

Cause an online sensation with an extraordinary CV

Leah’s Lego CV was particularly popular on the net. She also tried to attract the attention of HR managers at advertising agencies using a creative CV. Creative CVs are no rarity in some sectors, but with an open online application you’re obviously also exposing yourself to the critical eye of the public. It is not known whether Leah found an internship.

Leah-lego creative CV2014-

This very original CV was made by Bruno from Portugal. Whoever receives this creative CV must hire him immediately! If you would like to get in contact with Bruno you may reach him via Behance or LinkedIn. 

Bruno-Simão-creative application

Job searching online with a personal blog or website

Will Bower from the UK felt he had to pull out all the stops to get the marketing and advertising agencies to listen. The Brit uploaded a David Brent parody onto YouTube, created a website and drummed up plenty of PR. The video was received well in the press. However, according to his LinkedIn profile he has still not found a permanent job.

Develop your own campaign

Alexander Hauk is currently looking for a job in the field of political communication. So what better way to present his talents than creating a personal campaign? Hauk came up with a complex calendar that highlights current social issues and political topics. The centrepiece of his campaign is the Protestometer. (Just a warning, most of the website is written in German).

PROTESTONAUT_Creative -Application

Applications in the corporate design of a company

The best way to approach a company is in an individualised and personalised manner. There’s nothing worse than an identical application sent to a number of companies at the same time. This following application is perfect for that reason. Jürgen Hörbarth designed a website tailored seamlessly to match the YO app. This approach is hugely flattering for the company and surely the best way to show that you have ideas about how a company should develop strategically. ‘I wanted to show that I had understood the company’s vision and that I can contribute my own ideas [...] and the best way for me to express such ideas and concepts is through visual media.’ Hörbarth is currently working with YO on a number of projects in an advisory role. He told us that the CEO of YO contacted him personally even before he had officially applied with his site. Less than 24 hours later the two were discussing details over Skype.

Yo-Website- Creative CV

Social media applications

Social media applications have also become much more common over the last few years. A few brave job seekers tried to attract attention to themselves on social media using videos and pictures announcing that they’re looking for a job. You’ll find some nice examples of original applications from the last few years here. Robbie Williams was the most famous job seeker – he announced in a video on Facebook that he was looking for a job in Germany. As you can imagine, he received a number of lucrative offers. However, it was later revealed that the video was actually part of a marketing campaign by VW.

Robie-Williams-Facebook campaign CV

2015: The first Twitter CV

We are sure that this year will also see a few remarkable public applications. For example, in January 2015 we saw the first Twitter CV. We’ve already seen CVs on Pinterest, in Facebook style and in Amazon format. Twitter, however, had never been used as a CV format in this way before, probably because of the limited number of characters. Ignacio Castiella from Spain, curator of one of the Twitter accounts created for the application, told his story at the beginning of January in 117 tweets. Mostly his own words, interspersed with a few appropriate re-tweets. Ignacio signed on with a few advertising agencies using his Twitter CV.

Ignacio-Castielle-Twitter-Creative CV

Unusual applications certainly set you apart from the crowd. If the idea is original then you’re almost guaranteed media attention. What’s admirable is the courage these job seekers show in making their CVs public! But remember that a creative application does not guarantee you’ll get your dream job.

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