How to Workout at the Office: 5 Gadgets to Get You in Shape

We know that exercise and occupational productivity are closely linked. In fact, more and more companies are promoting sport in the workplace to improve the working environment, professional performance and employee motivation.

If you spend most of your day bent over in front of the computer, like many Computer Scientists, Accountants or Business Administrators, you should think about incorporating workouts at the office. This doesn’t mean exercises for slimming or losing weight (although some of the gadgets I’ll show you are also fantastic for exercising your abdominals): they are exercises for relieving physical and emotional tension.

Workouts for the office: 5 of our favourite gym gadgets

1. Listen to the cat! An exercise routine with a very funny personal trainer. Fat Cat Workout is a Chrome app for exercising at the office. It provides you with exercise routines that can be done perfectly in any workplace. When you download it, you can configure the time you want the exercise routine to last, the rest period between exercises and even program alerts to remind you when to exercise.

The Fat Cat WorkoutTip. This application offers you different types of exercise routines: a specific one for your head, arms and shoulders, especially indicated for workers who spend most of their time in front of a computer; a full routine; and the cat’s routine. This last one is the most entertaining exercise routine. Whereas the first two show you the exercises using images, the cat’s exercise routine is dynamic and you get the chance to see the feline in action as your personal trainer. The rests between exercises are brilliant!

Download Fat Cat Workout.

2. Office chairs that are specially designed for doing exercise. All office furniture should be ergonomic! Take a look at this chair, which allows you to perform a full body workout at the office without moving from your desk!

If you don’t want to spend the money on an office chair like this one, you can adapt the one you already have with this gadget; especially designed for stretching and strengthening muscles.

chair for workout

3. Office chair transformed into an improvised basketball court. With this fun office chair, you can take a few free throws whenever you feel like it.

chair basketball workout


4. Gym at home and at the office. Pull-up bar on the door. This gadget is a great companion for your active breaks at the office to help you release tension after a difficult work meeting, for example. The best thing about this piece of gym equipment is that it fits into any door frame!

pullup bar workout

5. Leg exerciser that you can use while you work. If active breaks are not your thing, but you don’t want to miss out on doing exercise at work, you’ll love this small cross-trainer.  You can hide it discreetly under your desk as if it were just another piece of furniture.

office workout

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  1. ananya thakur

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