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What’s Does Your LinkedIn Photo Tell Us?

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If you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be. LinkedIn is the fastest growing social business and networking platform out there, and if you’re looking for a job, it’s where you need to be. LinkedIn allows you to upload your job history, spoken languages, skills, volunteer experience and organisations and causes you are about. In a nutshell, your LinkedIn page is your CV, and it’s online, for everyone to see.

What’s really important, and what we think many job seekers overlook, is the LinkedIn profile picture. We can’t stress this enough. In fact, a few months ago we published an article on how to take the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. If you’re still struggling with taking the perfect profile picture, we’ve found a really unique tool that analyses your photograph based on 3 critical factors.

Why is your photo so important?

Today, more and more recruiters and companies are hiring through social media platforms. That means they’re looking into your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook, even your Tumblr and Instagram. The line between personal and professional life is becoming a little hazy, but we’d rather be safe than sorry by making the right online impression.

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The Mobile Job Search | How Smartphones Are Changing the Way We Find Work

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We know technology and mobile phones are changing the way we do things. We know that today, an entire computer system can fit into our pocket or around our wrist. Wherever we are we can catch up on the news, share our photos, download a song, order lunch, buy a flight, book a hotel, order dinner, etc. etc. It’s getting hard to imagine how life was before our smartphone. Though there are controversial views on the dependence we’ve developed on our mobiles, there is one thing we can’t complain about: it’s facilitation to the job search.

JobisJob Mobile Job Search

The job search has transformed drastically over a short period of time. It started with flyers and classified listings and then moved to the World Wide Web with online job boards, job aggregators and social media network sites like LinkedIn, and now, finally, to the mobile device.

The facts

Here at JobisJob, our Big Data team has been tracking the mobile job search evolution; the results were impressive and have helped us fully comprehend the capability (and power) of the mobile job search.

infographic uk market

Job searches from desktop computers and laptops are gradually decreasing while mobile searches are increasing at a rapid pace! Currently 46% of UK JobisJob users are searching from their mobile phone, compared to 28% in 2013. Today, 14% of users search from their tablet. Desktop users have fallen from 63% in 2013 to 41% in 2015.

Check out the full infographic with data from 22 countries worldwide.

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A JobisJob Video That Will Change Your Job Search Forever

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We’re not kidding. And it’s more about what I’m about to tell you than the video itself.

JobisJob app logo1

JobisJob has just launched a new app! Did we just make your day? If you’re not as excited as we are about this, here’s why you should be:

list_okIt’s free! And everyone loves something that’s free.

list_okIt’s available for both iPhone and Android users. So apples and little green robots around the world, jump for joy!

list_okIt’s easy to use. Like really easy, easier than shooting those Angry Birds into space.

list_okWith a single touch (and maybe a few swipes) you’re able to save job alerts and receive notifications directly to your phone when new offers that match your job search criteria arise.

list_okThe app is available in 9 different languages. Parlez-vous français?

list_okYou can look for work in 22 countries across the globe!

With the new JobisJob app, you’re not chained to your desktop or laptop anymore. Wherever your mobile fits, so does the job search. This is a really cool tool and we’d love for you to spread the word. Hey, you may just find your next job while waiting in line for your latte.

And here’s that life changing video we’ve been talking about. Trust us; after this, you won’t look at your mobile the same way again.

Don’t forget!

jobisjob app little phone (FILEminimizer)

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

The Best (and Worst) Places to Work if You Love Holidays

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“So, how many days off do I have?” It’s one of the worst questions to ask during an interview, and we strongly advise you against it, but it doesn’t mean we’re all thinking it. Holidays help motivate us throughout the year, they make our hard work worth it and they give us something to look forward to.

Do you love holidays JobisJob

Photo credit: Life of Pix

Here in Barcelona, we take our holidays seriously. During the month of August the only habitants in the city are foreigners. You won’t find the locals here, they’re all viajando por el mundo (traveling around the world) or lounging around the pool, in the shade of the palm trees, in an attempt to escape the humidity.

In honour of the rapid approaching summer holidays, here are the best and worst countries to work if you love taking holidays.

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4 Crafty DIY Ideas to Organise Your Desk

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We’re dusting off our winter woes and brightening up our days! In the midst of spring cleaning, why not take some time to illuminate and organise your home or office desk. Here are four genius (and cute!) DIY ways to organise your workspace. And guess what, they’re all handmade and super easy.

Our desk is our base camp, although it sometimes seems more like a jungle; a wild landscape of pencil-holders, cables, folders and documents that we sit behind every day, or even a nest of germs.
Little changes have a lot of effect. Putting aside a few recycled objects or materials and an hour or two of your afternoon, you can create cheap and original storage areas.

DIY | Let’s get crafty!

1. Long live yoghurt jars and tin cans! Food tins and jars usually end their life in our kitchen, but now we’re giving them a new adventure! Glass jars and tins are a great storage material due to the variety of shapes, sizes and colours they come in.


You just have to decide how many containers you need and make them into one single piece using transparent glue. The result is great, isn’t it? 

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