The Best (and Worst) Places to Work if You Love Holidays

“So, how many days off do I have?” It’s one of the worst questions to ask during an interview, and we strongly advise you against it, but it doesn’t mean we’re all thinking it. Holidays help motivate us throughout the year, they make our hard work worth it and they give us something to look forward to.

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Here in Barcelona, we take our holidays seriously. During the month of August the only habitants in the city are foreigners. You won’t find the locals here, they’re all viajando por el mundo (traveling around the world) or lounging around the pool, in the shade of the palm trees, in an attempt to escape the humidity.

In honour of the rapid approaching summer holidays, here are the best and worst countries to work if you love taking holidays.

Countries that absolutely love holidays

Head to Rio’s sunny shores or have a croissant and jam at a corner café in Paris, both these countries, France and Brazil offer employees 25-30 days of holiday. Who else is on the list? Russia, Poland and Austria offer their workers between 25 and 30 days off.

India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Italy offer 20 or 21 days of holiday, not too shabby.

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Love holidays? Stay away from these countries

You love holidays, you love your time off and you’ve got your month long summer backpacking trip through Indonesia planned out in February. Sorry, not if you live in Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, China or the Philippines. These countries skimp out on holidays, only offering their employees between 7 and 5 days of yearly holidays.

Working abroad is a great experience, and one we highly recommend. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into before your arrival!

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